How To Explore The Old Dragon’s Lair Of Bai Tu Long Bay

June 27, 2020

Why Come To Bai Tu Long Bay?

This area has similar sights and views to Halong and Lan Ha Bays, but a few differences. There are fewer tourists here. You can visit some other diverse attractions in the area. 

The big island is Bai Tu Long National Park. 

This island is a life source for locals, as it provides fresh water and produces for the area. You can explore a variety of things while moving around this island. You can relax on some of the pure silk sand beaches around the area. The fishing villages offer a great opportunity to see everyday life taking place. 

There are not a lot of ways to explore the area. You will need a cruise to tour the Ba Mun Islands and travel across Bai Tu Long Bay. 

The Legend Of Bai Tu Long Bay

The story has been passed through tale-telling since ancient times. Legend has it that a god sent a dragon to the local people as the islands were threatened by outsiders. The dragon arrived and breathed her fire to create stones, pearls, and rocks that set up a fortified wall around the area. This became the fortress that helped to defend Vietnam from any unknown invaders. The dragon stayed and her babies settled in Bai Tu Long Bay.

How Can I Cruise Around Bai Tu Long Bay?

I would offer three types of cruises, as they offer a range to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. All will pick you up and drop you off in Hanoi, making it easier to see this part of Vietnam. You will get to explore the Vung Vieng Fishing Village, as well as see the local towns of Hon Gai and Cam Pha. You will also visit the Thien Canh Son Caves and islets while sailing through incredible rock and karst sculptures that stretch to China!

Halong Hub offers a few choices, so let us have a look at them in a bit more detail:

  • The Signature Bay Cruise (5*)

The Signature Bay Cruise allows you to explore this rediscovered area in style. With its traditional wooden décor interior and fabulous sundeck, you will marvel at some of the most amazing sights surrounding Bai Tu Long Bay. The restaurant serves fresh seafood and has buffet lunch and a la carte dinner to be experienced on the route. You will have options to try out cave exploring, swimming, and cooking classes. 

All cabins are equipped with 5* luxury, including mini bar, bed, and balcony. Some offer a jacuzzi, so you can pamper yourself while the cruise takes you around to different scenic spots. For those who want the Royal treatment, try Signature Royal Suite. You are living in a 5-star hotel room in the sea. 

  • Paloma Cruises (4*)

This is a boat that offers comfort in a traditional junk boat design. The restaurant has some incredible seafood on offer and the bar is a great place to see the stars during the evening sail. The staff are known to be very friendly and will help you every step of your journey. There are loads of events and things to do while moving around Bai Tu Long Bay, so you won’t be bored on the Paloma Cruise. 

There are 22 cabins on offer onboard Paloma and all offer the comforts and conveniences that you would use at home. There is no need to worry about bringing much with you onboard the Paloma. They have everything ready for you.

  • Dragon Pearl Junk Boat Cruise (3.5*)

The Dragon Pearl is one of the pioneers in this Tonkin Bay Cruises. They do things in the traditional style and they do it well. Expect a great show and many stories. Expect a standard service and solid culinary affair, with dining to suit most guests. 

The cabins are compact, but comfortable, and you will find this to be a very rustic yet enlightening experience for a Bai Tu Long Bay tour. 

They like to offer a few things that are a bit different in their itineraries, beach time, and a water puppet show being two bonuses. They are one of the established players and are worth a look. 

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