Getting Real: Vegan CBD Gummies Do Exist

June 28, 2020

Sickness has plagued the human race since the beginning of time. In the past, diseases are considered to be one of the top threats to humankind amongst deadly animals. Up until the present date, even with all the medical knowledge, fancy equipment, and evolving creation of medicines. 

Despite the advancement in the medical field, the number of deaths due to health conditions continues to rise (read more). In a way, modernization gave us a lot of benefits, but it also took a toll on our lifestyle.

The alarming rate of people with incurable illnesses or conditions that need maintenance, helped us get the message. If we do not do something about it now, sooner or later we will be wiped out from the face of the earth. 

Since then, people have been health conscious more than ever. Always watching their diet, taking in multiple vitamins, doing a variety of workouts, anything that will help enhance our state of well-being. Not to mention all the health products that began popping into the scene, one of which is CBD. 

Defining CBD

CBD has been gaining a lot of attention lately, piquing the interest of thousands. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance that is derived from either cannabis or industrial hemp plant. The fact that the cannabis or marijuana plant is the origin of this compound led to some controversies to arise. Cannabis has a history of being utilized as a patent medicine. However, as of this time, some states still prohibit the use of the substance.

The contention of legalizing medical marijuana paved the way for Cannabidiol to be recognized. Cannabis sativa is a complex plant, it has over a hundred chemical compounds referred to as cannabinoids. That seems like such a big number for one plant, but only two components are produced in copious concentrations while the remaining compounds come in small traces. 

Coming first is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), this is known for its psychoactive properties that are responsible for making users euphoric as discussed here: This is also the culprit behind the infamous reputation of marijuana.

On the other hand, the second prevalent compound is Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is famous for having therapeutic benefits without intoxication or the feeling of getting “high”. While both cannabis and hemp are sources of CBD, manufacturers gravitate toward extracting it in hemp. Cannabis can reach up to 30% THC, while hemp plants contain the maximum level of 0.03%. Making it safer for humans to use.

Benefits Of CBD

There are still a lot of things that need to be researched regarding this substance. Otherwise, how it manages to provide ease for people suffering from certain conditions will remain a mystery. However, seeing the proponents’ claims on what it can do, makes it worth the shot. Below are some of the benefits other users have experienced when using the substance:

1.         Alleviates Chronic Pain

2.         Reinforces Positive Feelings

3.         Helps Fight Cancer

4.         Manages Seizures

5.         Reduces Acne

6.         Helps with Withdrawal 

Dosage And Variety

Cannabidiol dosage is contingent on a number of factors. It is not the one size fits all kind of deal. Dosage differs depending on the age, body weight, variety, brand of the product, and purpose. Do not, by all means, guess how much you should be consuming. Cannabidiol does not have the ability to lead you to an overdose. But the lack of information should make you think twice. Always refer to the product’s dosing chart before consumption.

When it comes to variety, CBD companies did not fall short in providing consumers options. Well, with the thriving industry and all, it’s only to be expected. They are produced as tinctures, capsules, sprays, and gummies. CBD can come in different forms; you are not limited to only one choice when you don’t find one variety your cup of tea.

The most recommended kind of CBD comes in the liquid state, in that case, tinctures are ought to be the best. The reason behind this is that tinctures contain the highest concentration. Thus, deeming to be more effective than others. The only thing is the taste. Oils are ingested orally. 

You can either plant them underneath your tongue for the mucous membrane to absorb or take a spoonful just like your regular medicine. Nevertheless, the distinctive flavor will seep through. However, the taste does not fall on the nasty category. But it is described to be like the tang of the soil which is kind of unappetizing. When the flavor is kind of a deal-breaker for you I suggest you try out CBD gummies.

CBD Gummies Are For Real, People

Cannabidiol is an extensive market. When this substance took off, multiple companies began manufacturing products that contain it. The latest they have come up with, CBD gummies, prove to be the most efficient. A product we can recommend is CHEEF Botanicals Vegan CBD Gummies. They are the best for a few reasons:

1.         They Are Vegan

2.         Cruelty-Free

3.         One Hundred Percent Natural

4.         Has High Potency

5.         Offers a Wide Range Of Dosages 

6.         Low THC Level

7.         Full Spectrum

In conclusion, Cannabidiol is a great way for you to boost your overall health. Despite limited resources in information, it has certainly changed the game when it comes to organic remedies. But keep in mind that this compound is not meant to cure or prevent. 

When you do not find that capsules and oils suit you, try gummy treats instead. And please do keep in mind trying out CHEEF Botanicals Gummies!

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