What Is The Hype About CBD?

April 15, 2021

For the longest time, anything to do with marijuana was seen as bad or even illegal in most places unless you had some form of prescription for it. In recent years, with the easing of the laws surrounding the usage of marijuana both medically and recreationally there have been a lot of new products that have been discovered.

One product that has emerged from the marijuana industry, that does not actually contain any THC or psychoactive properties, is CBD. These days CBD can be found almost anywhere, from designated sellers to even your local drug stores or supermarkets. It’s not like smoking a joint and does not have anything properties that can inhibit your day to day life, but is rather seen as a medication or a health benefit. Many health stores actually advocate for it and sell a variety of different CBD products from food and drinks infused with it to even just the oil on its own. 

If you have heard the name CBD mentioned here and there, but are not exactly sure what it does or why it is popular, here are a few reasons for the hype about CBD. 

What Is CBD?

Many people, when they think about marijuana, they think about the plant as a whole or rather just the part that is traditionally smoked. With new technology and the ability to research into the cannabis plant with more ease now, it has been discovered that the cannabis plant is made up of a multitude of compounds called cannabinoids, the two most prominent being CBD and THC.

Essentially CBD, or cannabidoil, is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that contains no psychoactive properties. It is because of these beneficial traits that it has become such a popular product, and many stores and sites, such as Smoke Cartel here, sell them like in large quantities. This also means that by making use of CBD you can still function regularly throughout the day but still receive all the benefits that CBD has to offer. 

It Offers Health Benefits

There are so many different reasons as to why people make use of CBD, but one of the biggest reasons is that it is said to have amazing health benefits. Through intensive research, scientists and doctors have discovered that CBD can help the symptoms of multiple diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and epilepsy, but is also said to be nicely effective for pain relief.

Although this research is not yet fully conclusive, the results that the use of CBD has given to chronically ill people is incredible and there have been many reports of people either recovering fully or even just having much fewer or less intense symptoms of various diseases. 

It Helps With Anxiety And Depression

In today’s day and age a lot more people are recognising the symptoms of anxiety and depression and being able to get diagnosed with these disorders. When it comes to anxiety and depression, some people are very hesitant to take any kinds of modern medicine to help as they typically come with a whole load of other side effect.

CBD is one of the best ways to treat both anxiety and depression, as well as PTSD and has been proven through science that it is a very effective way to help reduce both depression and anxiety by helping people who suffer through the compound of CBD which have calming effects. It is especially good since it does not have any psychoactive effective and will therefore not trigger any anxiety attacks or depressive episode, it will simply calm you and put you in a better state of mind. 

It Is In Cosmetics And Helps With Addiction Recovery

Not only is CBD said to help with many different diseases and disorder and aid with the symptoms, but is also said to have many cosmetic benefits. CBD has proven to show many restorative skin benefits and helps keep your skin in peak condition.

On top of all this, one of the top benefits is that it aids with addiction recovery. This is because you can smoke CBD through a vape, allowing for people to have a sense of familiarity, but it also give people that calming effect that will reduce any symptoms that may come from any form of withdrawal. CBD has been proven to be a fantastic way to help with many different issues, in conjunction with other medicines too. 

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