5 Tips to Nail the Retro Airstream Theme Wedding

June 30, 2020

Traditionally, a road trip trailer was used to complete a destination wedding. It took the whole idea of themed weddings to a new level as people really liked the Retro-style. Vintage airstreams were known for cross-country treks and camping. Many couples were looking for these unique options.


Some other unique features include having a silver bullet wedding theme. It had a lot of space for the couple, and it was rounded just like a bullet shot from the gun. This style greatly influenced destination wedding themes. The same plan is being followed nowadays. This article is to help you nail your wedding function with such an airstream rental.



The Tips to Nail the Retro Theme


  • Be on your feet


For a successful airstream rental, you have to make sure that you know the destination. Since hotel suites give you functional space for bridal parties, it is a popular way of throwing the party. If you park your airstream near the wedding ceremony site and do all that makeup and prepping your hair, it’s going to be unique. Your travelling time will be utilised, and you’ll step out of the airstream fresh and beautiful.


  • Try out a bar in the airstream


If you want to add a retro vibe in the airstream, add a cocktail bar with bartenders serving signature drinks. When people chill out on the drop-down window, it gives them a unique peace that only retro themed weddings can provide. That satisfaction of your guests having a good time gives you internal peace as an organiser.


  • Find a parking spot


Just when you finalise your wedding site, also look for the parking spot of your airstream. You’ll be getting ready in it, and you might have to carry your makeup and other stuff that can be handy. With this portable airstream, you’re just taking your wardrobe with you. It should be close enough to your site and far enough to not get spotted immediately. After all, as a bride, you have to maintain distance before you walk down that aisle.


  • Find time to spend with your spouse in the airstream


What Good is anything if you can’t spend time with your spouse? This is what your streams are for. These large portable bullets can help you sneak into it and spend some quality time with your spouse right before the wedding ceremony. This time is something that you won’t forget for your lifetime. So, we recommend you to savour it with these comfortable private trailers.


  • Serve in style


Since you can get excellent airstream rental services in the USA, there is competition amongst the providers. You will get these airstreams within your budget, and you don’t have to compromise on any other provision in the party. So, never fail to serve in style. Your precious guests are there to experience a retro-style theme wedding and you are going to provide it with utmost precision. Airstreams are one of the ways to find almost everything in any budget.


With these five wedding party tips, you’re good to go with airstream rentals in Denver. It’s all about making the right choices after you get a suitable sized airstream.






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