Three Home Maintenance Issues That Should Never Be Overlooked

July 1, 2020

If you are looking to spend some of your coronavirus-induced time at home to take a look around your humble abode in an effort to spot any maintenance issues, you need to ensure that you do not neglect the basics. It can be challenging to know how best to approach your home DIY issues that have been festering for a while. You may even stumble across other problems within your four walls that you did not even realize were there. Try to be methodical and go room by room carrying a clipboard, making note of every maintenance job that you need to complete. Follow this guide and ensure that you don’t overlook these three crucial maintenance issues:

Creepy Crawlies

If you are blessed with basement or attic space, the chances are that you do not spend too much time in these areas of the home. However, when you creep down to the basement or you put your head above the attic door, you may be confronted by cockroaches, bees, or termites. If you spot a wasp nest in the attic or you have silverfish swarming your cellar, it is time to get the pest control experts on board. You could try to limit the damage that the creepy crawlies are doing yourself with some off the shelf products, but to be certain of halting the infestation of pests, it is a wise use of time and money to call on the professionals. With a course of treatment, they can exterminate your problem and prevent damage to the integrity of your home. Act fast, or you may find your joists get half-eaten, or your brickwork becomes unstable because of vermin.


Outside of your home may be the last place you scour for DIY jobs. While you can clean the fascias of your windows, you can clear your own gutters and you can trim the hedges back, you will not be able to maintain your drains. You need a team to come in and rod your drains to ensure that they don’t become clogged. Blockages can result in foul odours permeating your home and sewerage getting backed up. If you have not had your drains cleaned in a few years, jet washing or mechanical rodding may be required if debris has solidified. Doing this can protect not only the fresh scent of your home, but can also keep the foundations of your pad stable.


If you spot any mould within your home, it may be time to get a damp detector tool to make sure that there is not a more sinister problem developing. Damp often begins with black spores appearing on walls and around uPVC fascias. In the first instance, you should whip out the hardcore mould remover and scrub until all spores are gone. Then, check for holes and seal them up with some heat resistant and waterproof clear sealant. Doing this will ensure that any further damp cannot permeate your walls. If damp is more intrusive it might be time to get a damp proof course installed by a professional.

Your home is the place where you spend most of your time, especially in these Covid-19 days. Follow this guide and make sure that your home is well maintained at all times.

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