Jack Wills HK store: Hong Kong’s best-selling clothing store

July 7, 2020

About Jack Wills

Jack Wills is a clothing brand that was founded by Peter Williams and Robert Shaw in Salcombe in 1999. It was opened with an investment of  £40,000. Furthermore, the brand’s stores were opened in universities under the trademark “University Outfitters” by university students as it was heavily marketed towards them. Later on, in 2007 the brand was registered as a private limited company in the UK. After that, the Jack Wills stores were opened internationally, Jack Wills HK store is one of them.

Jack Wills HK

Jack Wills HK is one of the international stores of “Jack Wills brand” in Hong Kong. In December 2011, Jack Wills launched two stores in Hong Kong, one of which is in Leighton Centre at Causeway Bay and the other one is in Harbour City mall at Kowloon.

Online access to Jack Wills HK

Jack Wills HK is providing online access to their stores with the help of different platforms, out of those the most popular is Zalora that is an e-retailer foundation serving different Asian countries. ZALORA Hong Kong is the online platform providing access to Jack Wills HK.


Jack Wills HK is a clothing brand that provides the best quality of Western Outfits. They have a wide range of men’s wear, women’s wear and teen & kids wear clothing. Jack Wills HK also deal with the bath and beauty products.

Women wear

Jack and Wills deal with a wide range of women’s fashion clothing. Either it is a busy day at college/office or it is a holiday at home, whether it is your presentation day or your friend threw a party, Jack Wills HK provides outfits for every occasion.

Seasonal dresses

Jack Wills HK provides a range of women’s dresses for every season. The outfits for new seasons are available in the handbooks that are published by the company four times a year for every new season.

A busy office day

If it is a busy day at your office or it is your big day for your presentation, don’t worry bold women, Jack Wills HK provides outfits for you that will make you more confident for your day and it’ll be a fresh start to your morning.

A night in a club

A fancy crop top and a draped skirt from Jack Wills HK store would be the best combo ever for a night in a club that will make your personality fancy and will handle your club mood.


College Lectures

College teen girls can have Jack Wills Gledholt culottes along with the off-shoulder short tops for their morning lectures that’ll give them a comfortable feel and for sure, it would be a relaxing outfit.

Chilled evening

It is a very chilled evening but you wanna hang out with your friends, so younglings, you can wear jeans with hoodies or sweatshirts and can also have jackets and blazers that will keep you warm as well as give you a classy look.

Daily routine outfits

Jack Wills HK gives a wide range of daily routine outfits that include denim jeans, mommy pants, paper bag pants, leggings, T-shirts, socks, etc all of which are made from high-quality fabrics.

A relaxing day at home

If it’s your holiday and you want to relax at home, then you should try Jack Wills HK loungewear and PJs collection that’ll be a perfect mood for cozy night sleep and it’ll be a perfect lazy-day outfit.


Jack Wills HK menswear collection ranges from traditional British formal wear and tailoring; such as shirts, tweed jackets, and blazers, to casual clothing sweatpants, t-shirts, and polo shirts.

If you want smart evening looks or want a perfect outfit for a business day you’ll find it in a range of men’s heritage sweats, classic shirts, and branded tees.

Jack Wills HK also provides the best quality of sportswear, swim shorts, and loungewear collection that is well made and has the best and very comfortable.  


Jack Wills HK deals with a wide range of accessories that include backpacks, wallets, makeup bags, zip-top bags, clutch bags, jewelry like bracelets, sunglasses, water bottles, belts, headbands, gowns, hat and gloves sets, shoes, keyrings, phone cases, Christmas decorations, card, passport holders and much more.

Bath and Beauty

If you want to treat your body then Jack Wills HK provides you the best fragrances and body products, you can have the best body scrubs and skincare sets that’ll keep your skin healthy and glowing and gives nourishment.


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