10 Exceptional Interior Design Trends for 2020: Make your Home Stylish!

July 9, 2020

Our home is our sanctuary, the only place where we feel comfortable. On the same spectrum, a home without a style does not quite lift up the mood, be it for you, your family, or the guests who come over.

A little enhancing can do wonder to the outlook of our house and it will never look as boring as before. But, even styling requires enough effort, time, and a basic understanding of what suits the house depending on its architectural design.

If you plan to add more design, depth, and beauty to your house, there is not much that you need to do. All you need is a little time for you to go through these exceptional interior design trends for 2020.

The majority of people have been following these trendy ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a tour through these Interior design trends.

Interior Design Trends of 2020 that You Must Try!

Have you been feeling a bit lethargic and bored lately? Well, a house without design can often lower our moods and productivity level. But if you try these interior design trends, you won’t say the same again.

1. Integrated Hardware

One of the most common Interior designs of 2020 is an integrated hardware design for your furniture or cabinets. It produces a very classy theme and a sleek look to you. Additionally, when you look at your furniture once, you don’t look back at it again with the same enthusiasm.

But, when you integrate the furniture with vertical and modeling lines on it, you or your guests will stop and stare for a while. It can be any furniture but the most common furniture where the design outweighs the look is countertops and cabinets.

2. Floral Wallpapers

More and more people resort to wallpapers, especially floral ones since they depict a sense of calmness. The ideal place for a floral wallpaper arrangement in the bedroom. According to the setting of the bedroom, you can choose tons of different types of floral designs or some spring backgrounds.

Additionally, you can also choose two different designs for all four walls and mix them up to your wish. By the end of the day, you will love to fall asleep while being surrounded by beautiful floral patterns. If it is getting hard to choose the perfect design, then why not rely on the best professionals. Dubai Fixing can help you with a quick fix.

3. Dynamic Black/White Duo

Are you in the mood of experimenting with a black and white tone? Additionally, it adds a tinge of drama to your house while making it look bold. Going on a full black and white makeover can be tricky but the results will be outstanding.

For example, you can make one wall with charcoal black color, be it solid or gradient, and leave the rest three 3 walls to be white. For other things like cabinets, sofa, rugs, window edges, cushions, lampshades, ceiling, you can add a contact of the two colors by mixing them up.

4. Geometric Designs

Another great trend for 2020 is geometric Interior design. If you are mesmerized with lines, shapes, and unified abstract patterns, then this is definitely the one for you. You can add the same design to your living room and your bedroom.

But, you can make its use more unique. Simply choose the design of your choice and implement it on the wall. Maybe get a carpet of the same design with a little research. Or, you can also add a section of the wallpaper design on your door.

5. Environmental Zone

The environmental zone is one of the top Interior design trends of 2020. A touch of greenery in the house will make you feel more alive. Install plant-pots in your living room. You can place them in the most viewed and used places like beside the sofa, or near the balcony.

Hang some DIY flower pots on the balcony. To add more weight to the design, you can add pebble stones and marble stones around the pot to complete its design.

6. Kitchen Island: Eat-in Area

The good old structure of the kitchen and dining room always remained separate but those days are changing. With the availability of unique and trendy architecture, you can now cook and dine in the same area. Additionally, it is also one of the common hangout areas in the house. Install a stone countertop in the kitchen area which can drop down into a table for dining.

The implementation of a countertop that drops to a dining table will benefit the one who eats there due to the firm grip of the ground. Further, you can eat peacefully. Make sure you do the seating arrangement and choice of the countertop color based on the kitchen architecture and color.

7. Contemporary Style

If you want to add a grand aura to your house, then going contemporary on the design will produce a sense of classiness. Also, it is one of the common trends that most people resort to. The choice of a significant color that can break down in hues will add more volume to your house.

For example, warm blue and different shades of it can be broken down and implemented on other objects in the house like the sofa, table, walls, lamps, fiber rugs, window sills, floor, and ceiling. You can make your choice of color and break their shades down. Then, you can proceed to put their hues in your living room.

8. Ancient Mosaic & Antique Style

If you want your home to feel like a destination stop, then you can check decorating blog or install some antique tapestries in your house. Give your room a makeover with a combination of warm earth tones. Install a combination of Mosaic tiles full of bright colors.

Or, you can also opt for a full earth tone color. To add more definition to the room, get some souvenirs, decoratives, wind chimes, dream catchers, string lights, books, and decorate them in your best interest. The color of warm blue and warm green with earth tones will be perfect for your house to look like a visitor’s place.

9. Granite or Marble Flooring

The most underrated part of our house is the floor but without debate, it adds up to the house as much as the walls do. If your house feels too simple then add a tinge of faux marble or granite flooring. Instead of plain white, you can install a darker tone to it which suits the color of the walls. Or, you can install flooring with unique patterns as well.

10. Quality Bedding

The bed is our ultimate solace, so when it is not quite up to the mark, we often get stressed. But, you can certainly make some trending changes to it. Invest a little and get a quality mattress that feels extra comfortable, add new sheets, blankets, and pillows of new designs. Lastly, you can add a dim night lamp of a warm hue right beside the bed to complete the setting Aldo checkout this great interior design blog.

So, Are you Ready…

A dynamic combination will promote a sense of perfection, thus you won’t ever feel bored in your room again. Besides, getting a perfect house Interior design will be a one-time investment and a full-time benefit. And, if you get to join with the most reputed professionals of Dubai Fixing then Voila! You will get the best idea, guide, and service, all under one roof.




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