Interesting Facts About Life in Australia

July 20, 2020

 Australia is a former British colony that is currently the sixth largest country in the entire world as well as being one of the most scarcely populated countries in the world. It is also one of the richest countries in the world despite being one of the hottest and driest countries in the entire world with the majority of the soil in Australia not being suitable for growing crops. In this article, we will be telling you about some of the interesting facts about life in Australia and why you should consider visiting or moving to this country permanently.

 One of the World’s Most Immigrant-Friendly Countries.

 Australia is one of the world’s most immigrant-friendly countries with an estimated 30% of all of the population in Australia being immigrants or in other words being born in another country and later moving to live in Australia. One of the main reasons for this is the extremely immigrant-friendly policies of Australia which aim to attract educated and hardworking people as well as giving the opportunity to refugees from all around the world to restart their lives.

 For example, if you travel to Melbourne you will see how diverse this city is, the majority of Melbourne’s 5 million person population are foreign-born or are descendants of immigrants from all over the world. In this city, you will see places of religious worship for the major ethnic communities such as the Irish, Indians, and the Chinese among the hundreds of other ethnicities in the city.

 Most People Live on the Coast.

 Despite Australia being the sixth biggest country in the world, with an area of 7.692 square kilometres which is over 3/4 the size of the entire continent of Europe, you will find that the majority of the population or 86% of Australia’s 24.9 million people live on just 50 square kilometres of coastline mainly on the eastern, western and southern coasts of Australia.

 This is because inland Australia is very dry and hot which makes it very difficult to live in, furthermore, Australia is a massive country so it is much easier for the biggest cities to be located next to each other rather than being in remote places that will take days to reach by car. Additionally, it is much more economical for cities to be based next to an accessible body of water as goods can be transported much more cheaply on massive container ships from other countries and the rest of Australia.

  Australia Has a Monarch.

 Officially, Australia is a parliamentary democracy that has a constitutional democracy, since the year 1825; parts of Australia have been controlled by the British Empire now known as the United Kingdom. When Australia was finally granted full independence in 1942 during the Second World War, the country decided to remain part of the Commonwealth and retain the British monarch as their own.

 Although the British monarchy has no influence in Australia, they still represent all commonwealth countries and remain very popular figures inside Australia with 69% of Australians being supportive of Australia having the British monarch as their figure of state. Furthermore, Australia takes part in the Commonwealth Games which take place every 4 years and is an international competition similar to the Olympics that the majority of former British colonies that have the British monarch as a figure of state take part in.

  Australians Love Their Sports.

 Further, interesting facts about life in Australia is that sports that trace their origin to England are very popular, some examples of popular sports that have originated from the British Empire is cricket, rugby, football and also Australian football which is a sport that originates from rugby but is a lot more physical in nature.

Additionally, water-related sports are very popular due to Australia being an island nation, if you travel to Melbourne which is a coastal city located in the south of Australia, you will see that some of the most popular sports are surfing and swimming which is one of the top three most popular club sports in all of Australia. Thanks to the native climate of Australia where it is hot for most of the year, playing outdoor sports is a very popular pastime for millions of Australians in the country.

  Home to Unique Wildlife.

 The island that is now known as Australia has been isolated from the rest of the world for many millions of years which have meant that many unique plants and animals have developed on the island with many of those species not being able to be found anywhere else on Earth.

 It is widely believed by scientists and animal experts that Australia is the country with the highest number of native reptiles of anywhere in the world with over 700 unique reptile species in the country of Australia. You can learn more about unique environments and geographies on the travel portal.

 An iconic animal that is native to only Australia is the koala which likes to feed mainly on the eucalyptus trees that are very common in certain Australian forests, these endangered mammals lived in forests located in the coastal regions of Australia where water is more abundant.

 The World’s Biggest Cattle Ranches.

 The majority of Australia is uninhabited by people, which means that it is either left empty, it has a motorway going through it or is used for agriculture in greenhouses or cattle ranching. An interesting fact is that Australia is home to the world’s biggest cattle ranch called the Anna Creek Station which is 23,000 square kilometres in size which makes it larger than the countries of Israel and Slovenia and close to the size of North Macedonia. Most of the animals at Anna Creek Station are cows or bulls that are used for the production of meat and milk although when it was founded it was originally home to the only sheep.

 Cattle ranching is a very big industry in Australia that is worth tens of billions and provides jobs for hundreds of thousands of Australians, the major export markets for Australian ranch produce are China, Europe, and the United States with beef making up a whopping 2% of all of Australia’s exports.

  Australia Is a Continent.

 One of the most interesting facts about life in Australia is that it is the only country that is also a continent; this is a feat that many empires throughout history have tried and failed to achieve. Australia is a fairly unique nation as it is only a few hundred years old and was only discovered by European explorers in the early 17th century by Dutch explorers who part of trading companies operating in Asia primarily in the Indonesian and Southeastern Chinese mainland.

 This is a proud fact that many Australians are proud of which makes their country a unique place to be in that is home to literally hundreds of different languages and ethnicities from all over the world and also indigenous people that were living in Australia for thousands of years before the first European settlers ever arrived.

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