Simple Ways To Switch Up Your Style For The Coming Season

July 20, 2020

Some days you reach for the same old shirt and pair of jeans and suddenly it hits you: you are stuck in a style rut. It is easy to stay within our comfort zones and reach for something simple when we are in a rush, after all. 

But there is nothing like the feeling you get from rocking a great new outfit and getting compliments on it — it is a brilliant way to boost your confidence. You do not have to rush out and spend a fortune to give your style a boost though. There are lots of ways to freshen up your look that can be easier and less expensive than you think.

Treat Yourself To Some New Underwear 

They may be mostly unseen, but choosing the right underwear can often give you a whole new lease of life. Feeling properly supported and comfortable, having an underwear wardrobe that lets you select the right pieces for the right outfit, and slipping into something fabulous — even if only you know it is there — can transform the way you look and feeling. Even if you travel around, this style can come with you! So book in for a fitting, as your bra size will change over time. Discard anything old, greying or damaged and treat yourself to some supportive, luxurious basics in neutral tones. You will feel so much better! 

The Art Of Accessories

Definitely the easiest way to breathe new life into your style is changing up your accessories. You can always try something different with Boho Jewelry — if you normally favor statement pieces, try subtle, and delicate necklaces layered up, or stack a selection of bangles and thin bracelets for an impactful look. Add a thin scarf for a jolt of colour and pattern on an otherwise plain outfit, or treat yourself to a new bag in a sophisticated shade like navy or burgundy to work well with neutral basics — you can find some great accessories in understated luxury leather when you take the time to look.

It Is All In The Details

If you have not been taking proper care of your clothes, you cannot expect them to look any good. So perhaps it is time for a bit of a wardrobe makeover. Take anything past its best to be recycled, and make a pile of clothes to be repaired — a loose button that needs sewing back on, a hem that needs stitching up or garments that need taking in or letting out slightly to look their best. Finding a place that does inexpensive clothing alterations can literally be your secret weapon. Inexpensive clothes can look like designer items if they are correctly tailored to fit. Make sure all the basics are covered off too — that your shoes are clean and not scuffed up, that your clothes are not covered in lint and that things are not full of creases. Read up on how to properly clean and care for your clothes and make sure you invest in decent clothes hangers — ultra-slim velvet hangers that stop silky tops slipping off and do not leave dents and marks in heavier items are ideal.

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