Finding The Right Style For You And Your Personality

May 21, 2021

It is almost always a good idea to find what is best for you in life. Many people feel that fitting an arbitrary or universal standard is important, but it is true that this is almost a hollow way of looking at the world. For instance, we might think that we NEED to get married before the age of 28, but is that right for you? We might think that we NEED to be earning a certain amount of money before the age of 32, but is that right for you, and does this mean you should suffer in a career you dislike?

Finding the right style for you and your personality, then, should always be curated to your tastes and how you want to present yourself. If you do not feel feminine, you should not feel as though looking good requires you to wear incredibly feminine clothing. And, if you are tremendously feminine, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either. What is wrong is doing something that does not feel right simply, because you are forcing yourself to, unless you are just trying something new and taking a risk to explore whatever this new direction could be. 

With this in mind, we hope this post can help you find the right style for you and your personality. We hope not to dictate how to achieve this, but rather, give you the tools to explore in the best possible way:

Consider Your Natural Strengths

Considering your natural strengths and working on them can help you truly unlock your sense of style and empowered image without having to change yourself too radically. Furthermore, it can feel good to highlight what you feel confident about. Perhaps you have gorgeous, thick hair, or you have found that green really brings out the depths of your eyes. Maybe the best curly hairstyles and cuts can help you truly make a wonder of hair that does little to co-operate with you, but still looks amazing. It might not be that you see a strength of yours until you switch up your style and try new things.

For instance, not everyone has a suitable hairstyle for their head shape. It can be worth going to a premium hairdresser and getting their expert opinion, and trying that. This is not to say that you are in any way disadvantaged or ‘lesser than’ if you choose not to highlight your strengths, or perhaps if you do not even know what they are. But you certainly have them, and it is fun to find out what those are. Sometimes, the best strength we have includes our demeanor, our warmth, and our smile. That is not nothing or simple cold comfort, as these are the virtues that people are drawn to more than anything.

When considering your natural strengths, and perhaps even creating a few, you can begin to define your style in ways that help you feel more put together and confident.

Understand Your Natural ‘Weaknesses’ — Are They Even There?

Of course, the existence of a strength can lead us to think about its opposite, our weaknesses. Yet the truth is that what you might consider a ‘weakness’ is not always that bad, or helps add a little texture and flavor to your style and who you are at worst. After all, why would you want to be perfect? That can be boring, and it does not really leave you feeling like a real person.

We are not going to give any style advice to ‘hide’ your weaknesses or to feel like you have to conceal yourself. Why? Because realizing you do not have to do that IS style. Of course, certain things might be worked on. If you have bad skin, then it might be worth practicing a healthy skincare routine and visiting a dermatologist if only to help you feel healthier. If you are overweight, then you can still look great, but it is good for your health to eat properly and to get exercise, as this can also increase your confidence. In that way, embracing your weaknesses (which, by the way, perhaps you are the only one to ‘notice’ this), you can feel more stylish and ultimately more ‘you’. You definitely deserve that!

Tailor And Fit Your Clothes

It is good to tailor and fit your clothes to your standards. Of course, unless you have a particular seamstress or tailoring skills, it is hard to refit your clothing at home. No bother, because taking your clothing to a professional and having them refitted can truly help you feel confident and put together as you deserve to be, as it helps you avoid throwing out clothes you already love. In effect, it just helps them feel more comfortable to wear nad more enjoyable to present with.

Of course, tailoring and fitting your clothing choices can also relate to your accessorizing. For instance, you may find it appropriate to purchase a hat that actually fits your head rather than the one you have had for ten years up to this point. Perhaps having a watch or a ring resized can help you make sure you don’t have to cut off circulation to an appendage for the intention of looking good.

You Do Not Have To Go All Out Each Day

When people read style guides, they often look to them for advice on how to look their absolute best, how to shape up and scrub up to the point where they don’t even recognize themselves.

But is style really complete if you do not feel stylish without a great amount of effort? You do not have to go all out each day. As long as you switch it up from time to time and have fun, you are already most of the way there. Sometimes, good style means investing in comfortable clothes you can relax in (such as a quality pair of living room trousers with soft material, fitted sweaters and accessories you wear to help express yourself), helps you curate a great wardrobe without having to worry about it.

This way, style becomes less of a pathology and instead remains a practice you can have fun with and define on your own terms. And if there is anything more suitable for you than that, it is hard to see what it could be.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to find the right style for your personality. But more than anything, we hope you have a good time doing so.

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