The Best Beauty And Style Tips For 2019

January 4, 2019

If would be hard for anyone to deny that the beauty industry has not changed over the last couple of decades. And, a lot of this is in part thanks to technology. With the advancement in technology, there are no more products and brands on the market than ever before. This is kind of a good and bad thing. It makes it harder to find the right products and manufacturers that suit your personal style. However, on the upside thanks to all the products you literally have more to experiment around with. Of course, now that 2019 is here in full things are about to change again. So, what kinds of tips are the experts giving for beauty and style in 2019?

Are The Eighties Back?

2019 is going to be a nostalgic year for those of you who were born in the eighties. However, there is no need to polish off your bellbottoms or get out the hairspray for those big hairdos. It is going to be the bold and bright neon that makes a presence. That is right, neon is going to shine in 2019, but in order to pull this look off, you really need to know hair to pair it. Experts suggest avoid pair it with black, because it is just too harsh. It can be paired with neutral colors like camel or gray to give off a more sophisticated look. Avoid any head to toe neon because you will simply look like a highlighter.

Fun Handbags

You saw the resurgence of fanny packs in 2018. And, you can expect that trend this stick, but 2019 will be an overall year that gives way to the fun handbags. You will see everything from the cute throwback styles to the more modern geometric shapes. There is even a new product on the market that is called the belt bag. It kind of combines the fanny pack with the fun handbag as it is really a belt bag that can be worn around the waist or across the shoulder. You can also expect to see a rise in the transparent market. More and more women will be sporting transparent bags with little pouches inside.

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul

Lips were the go-to beauty item in 2018. Every woman out there wanted those vibrant red loo-at-me lips. Well, in 2019 the focus is going to shift to the eyes, which are the windows to the soul and can really express an individual. It really is the lashes and the innovative mascaras that set this trend in motion. There are going to be new mascara products that offer lightweight formulas that will keep the lashes soft and fluffy without clumping or flaking. This will even be true when you are applying multiple layers. 

These products also come with a geometric styled brush that allows you to stretch and lift the lashes. If there are any women out there suffering from melasma, fear not because there are plenty of products that will be available to help with your dark spots. Check this out to learn how to get rid of melisma.

Put Those Sneakers To Rest

Sneakers were certainly a popular footwear item over the past few years. And, the trend hung around longer than anyone ever thought it would. Well, you are going to see an end to that trend in 2019. There are going to be more creative and functional shoes available that will help add that sporty touch and feel that you are seeking.

Stay Away From The Animal Prints

Animal prints, especially the leopard print will probably always be iconic in the fashion world, but 2019 is going to offer some different options. Do not be afraid to throw that old print in the closet and stow it away until it comes back in style because it certainly will.

Tie-Dye Is Back In

You learned that the year of 2019 might feel more like the eighties with the vivid neo colors coming back in. Well, here is another hit of the eighties for you. It looks like the tie-dies designs are going to be back in style as well. The surfer vibes are here to stay, but when choosing a tie-dye style it will be imperative to make sure you choose the right footwear to go along with it.

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