Teenage Study Room Designs: Five Ideas That Your Children Will Adore

January 4, 2019

Our room has a special place in our lives; it is our comfort zone and the safe place for us to relax and be ourselves. The study room is in some ways more important, because that is where we work and our creative ideas flow in. A study room should always be an appealing and comfortable place to work in. Making your study room a calm and comfortable place will make it much easier for you to enjoy the tasks that you need to do. Teenagers’ study rooms are not any different,  except they need more insight and thought. You cannot put together random items and place them in the room, and you have to create an environment that gives off similar vibes. A study room should stop any distractions from disturbing the workers, and the colors should be carefully chosen. 

Study room design ideas involve calming and neutral shades such as pale yellows, creams, and whites. These colors are perfect for creating a peaceful working environment so you can make a theme based on such colors. A study room should provide a streamlined feel so children can devote their attention to the tasks. A work environment that has a cluttered feel will make it impossible for you to do your work in the best way, so do not take this for granted.  Make sure all the desks and shelves are free from any unnecessary items. A study should not be a boring place. The better is the workspace of your child, the more your child will look forward to studying. With the help of the following article, you can create a pleasant and functional learning environment which will help students concentrate on their studies. 

  • Furniture

Furnishing largely depends on your child’s taste. Teenagers can be moody sometimes, so it is paramount that you do everything according to their liking. There are certain basic items essential for a study, like a desk, chairs, shelving, computer, and a lamp, but you will need other items too. Make a list of all the requirements before you make any purchases and choose a desk large enough to accommodate your child’s needs. Some things sometimes need to go on top of your study unit, so there has to be plenty of space for that. When you are decorating your study room, always set aside space where you can store the files, folders, and projects. Teenagers have more books and notes than they can handle, and these can be very space consuming if not taken care of. Reserve a large area to accommodate all these folders. Study rooms should be designed for teenagers according to their personality, taste, and requirements. This modification will come into play when their school requirements and workload begin to rapidly pile up as they move up in academic level, something that premier academic website CustomEssayMeister can definitely attest to. College work, aside from the usual studying, reading, and writing, is so demanding and hectic to teenagers that there is no such thing as too much space. Open storage racks and a notice board will help them be in charge of the things. They can display their important dates, notes, to-do-lists, and schedules on the board. You can get a standard desk chair and add smaller stools or beanbags. That will make your children more comfortable if they fancy a change or if they have their friends over for group study. If you are designing a room for two children, you can get an L shaped desk unit, so they have plenty of space and have their own area. You can also supply an open children’s table and chairs so the kids can study in the form of groups. Plus, they need not be expensive — see here for some good options.

  • Décor Ideas And Themes

How is the room going to look? What will be its theme and what kind of style will you decorate it in? Think hard about these questions. Your choice of theme color in your study will form the mood and atmosphere of the room. Create a playful theme with ethnic patterns or calm and soothing shades. Light colors already have a very serene effect so you can go for that, to ward off any stress and tiredness your kid might experience. You can combine streamlined formal and casual themes and create a blended feel. Mix Casual decor with formal furnishings, or vice versa. You will be left with an interesting and unique look. Do not overcrowd your study either, avoid the cluttered feeling.

  • Comfort Level

A comfortable study is what you should aim to achieve. Working can be tiring, and comfortable furnishings and a cozy environment can make a peaceful environment. There should be an armchair close to bookshelves so your child can easily sit and read. Teenagers will require more advanced gadgets, like computers equipment, so make some room to adjust all of that into the room design.

  • Flooring

Study flooring is not something may forget to think about, but you should. Whatever choice you make, ensure that is matches to the rest of your home. If you want a floor that you or your kid can easily clean and maintain, ceramic tiles are your best option. You can put in an elegant rug in the corner or the middle. If you prefer a warm feel, choose wooden flooring that will give a pleasant ambiance. Carpeting is also a common but attractive choice with an equally cozy feel. Carpeting also creates a quiet atmosphere, and you avoid making any noise. But carpeting also requires more time and effort to clean up.

  • Lighting

A room with large windows and natural daylight is best because you need a bright atmosphere to study. If there are no windows, make up for the missing lights! If your room feels rather dark and dingy, make sure that you install plenty of high-quality lighting, so there is no eye strain while your child is working. Correct drapes for the room will also alter the feel of the entire space; consider your choices carefully. Pale and lightweight curtains will help you make the most of the sunlight. You can also consider blinds to give a more formal look to the study.

Design your child’s study room by keeping these things in mind, and we are sure that s/he will love it!

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