A Guide On How To Buy Daily Wear Gold Bangles

January 3, 2019

Amongst all the jewelry items, bangles hold a special place in every woman’s heart. We all can associate ourselves in a lot of instances that remind us of our childhood bangle stories. Bangles are one item that gives a lasting effect on the attire and occasion. Out of the several bangle designs, the most popular and memorable are the daily wear gold bangles. They are the ones we grew up playing with and wearing too. Many of us purchase gold jewelry to wear it on a daily basis and for all occasions. Over the centuries, we have been smitten by the yellow metal and there is no practical substitution for this. White gold and rose gold are also used, but just a fraction of the percentage of yellow gold users switched to them. Also, there is a growing rage for minimalistic designs lately; this has been the millennials demand. These minimalistic designs are also made in 18K gold, to get the much needed deglam look. 

Plain and simple designs have become the order of the day. They are appealing among elders and millennials equally. Plain bangles go well with every attire- fusion, traditional, and western too. You can find several types of bangles online at Vaibhav Jewellers. There are multiple gold bangle sets available at reasonable price points and they make for great additions to your treasure chest or even quality gifts for special people. Gold bangles, after all, make for excellent gifting options for those who you really care about like close friends and family members. Gifting gold to someone is certainly a mark of supreme warmth, affection, and respect since gold is considered a coveted gift and not any run-of-the-mill gifting option. Bangles make for safer options in this regard once you know the approximate size and weight that you require for someone. Also, you can steadily build up your own collection of gold bangles with the passage of time. 

Be spoiled by choices

While choosing gold bangles, zero down on the use or occasion for which you wish to choose. There are a whole lot of designs and variety of bangles available online and offline. Jewelers like Vaibhav Jewellers have a plethora of diverse range of bangles classified as below:

  1. Office wear bangles
  2. Daily wear bangles
  3. Single bangle
  4. Bracelet style bangle
  5. Diamond bangles
  6. Gemstone bangles
  7. Kada
  8. Adjustable bangles 
  9. Occasional wear

You can now explore all these gold bangles designs with weight and price in rupees at vaibhavjewellers. They are reputed jewellers who have both in store and online presence, their design centric approach has earned them the trust and customers confidence. Apart from this they have a wide Karigar network from who work tirelessly to bring the best designs on to the customer’s platter.  They built their decades of experience based on quality products, a major USP of buying Jewellery with them is that all their items (big or small) are BIS certified.              

You can also request for a video shopping slot online through their website to preview your favourite pieces virtually from the comfort of your home. Apart from their state of art video shopping facility they also offer:

1. 15 days free returns on their jewelry purchases

2. Free international shipping 

3. Free transit insurance on the jewels

4. An attractive life time exchange policy 

With a host of benefits, Vaibhav Jewellers now makes your jewelry shopping hassle free. Now, have no doubts when you bring your precious piece home

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