What Piercings Are Still In Style And Here To Stay

August 3, 2020

“Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it,” said Audrey Hepburn, and we cannot agree more, especially when it comes to piercings and personal body accessories. If you looked at the latest trends in jewelry and fashion this year, you probably have seen all the throwbacks to the nineties and the early 2000s. It seems that piercings are still very much alive, and we are not only talking about earlobes. Therefore, instead of being stuck with that belly button bling you got only to aggravate your mom and look badass, it is time to consider upgrading your jewelry to increase your confidence and set your own style.

Earrings And Ear Piercings You Do Not Want To Miss This Year

When you want to style up and boost your confidence a little, one of the easiest ways is to don some new and fancy jewelry and accessories. If you have had ear piercings since childhood, you know a well-chosen pair of earrings can add flair to any outfit. But how about getting a new pair of earrings together with a couple of new ear piercings as well? Now, things can get very interesting! Let us see what Instagram influencers, runways, and fashion gurus tell us about ear piercings this year!

1. Constellation Piercings

You may have heard about this under the name of “curated piercings” or “earscapes.” The trend had been around for years, but celebrities like Scarlett Johansson or Zoe Kravitz breathed new life into it. Constellation piercings contain at least three (but usually more) earrings, beautifully placed in your ear to create an eerie, well-curated, and night-inspired constellation.

Before you go to the nearest mall to get those piercings and studs, make sure you do your homework. While your ear shape matters less, pro piercers recommend you give this beautification procedure time and patience. Moreover, the quality of the earrings you pick is crucial for not only your looks but your health as well. 

2. Orbital Ear Piercings

If you are ready to break some conventions and live up to the style you know you have, orbital piercings are the next best thing when it comes to jewelry trends that are here to stay. Orbital piercing means connecting two existing holes (or make new ones and link them) with a seamless hoop for a dash of originality and boldness. 

3. The Tragus Ear Piercing

The tragus is that piece of cartilage on your face’s side that almost covers your ear canal. A tragus piercing — usually with a stud earring – is subtle and demure, yet adventurous and original. With their minimalistic, yet badass appeal, tragus piercings probably make the hottest ear decorations of this year and the ones that follow. This non-lobe ear piercing comes with some lessons to learn beforehand. While the procedure is not that painful, you should learn more about it. The aftercare of the tragus piercing is essential, so pay attention to it as well. 

Other ear piercing trends include conch piercing, stack piercing, plug earrings, and the helix. Before you go to somebody to use needles or piercing guns on your ears, keep in mind, you should always go with hypoallergenic metal starter earrings for the first two months of every new hole. 

Belly Button Rings And Piercings

As we said, this year is the throwback to the nineties. The MTV golden generation felt liberated and vindicated when some of the most beloved celebrities of the time began sporting rhinestone studs and shiny barbells through their navels. From divas like Alicia Silverstone to stage goddesses like Janet Jackson or Britney Spears, girls everywhere pierced their belly buttons to embrace contemporaneity and annoy their parents just a bit. 

Are those free-spirited times gone? Not by any chance! These days, belly button rings are just less flashy than their predecessors were. Today, a ring to add some style to your low-rise jeans and crop tops are low-key cool belly button rings with a minimalistic design and precious metals. From demure gold hoops to opal navel studs, you have plenty of choices, colors, and hypoallergenic materials. Rose gold and stainless steel are all the rage right now.

Nipple Rings And Piercings

According to the Association of Professional Piercers, nipple piercing is here to stay, no matter what your mom told you about women who wear rings in that particular area. Mom did get one thing right: wanting you to be safe at all times. So, before you get your nipple piercings, you should also do some thorough research on the matter. You need to learn about the pain you should expect, the healing process, and the safety measures you need to consider. 

If everything goes according to plan and your new nipple piercing proves to be a success, then it is time to think about what to wear.

  • Choose an implant-grade metal, such as niobium, titanium, gold, stainless steel, and high-quality silver are the safest options;
  • Curved barbells sometimes work the best for people with inverted nipples;
  • Barbells make the best and most common type of nipple piercings, although you can also go for ring shields, segment hoop rings, ring bars, and so on. As long as you are comfortable with them, your nipple rings should reflect your style 100%;

Overall, nipple piercing is a style choice you can stand behind this year. Find an accredited professional, get your favorite types of nipple jewelry, and feel like a superstar!

Bottom Line

These were our top choices in piercing trends for the year. Of course, you should not forget about the nose, lips, or eyebrow piercings, either. The rule of thumb this year is “less bling more elegance.” As long as you understand the health considerations and safety precautions you need to take for any piercing, the world is your oyster. 

Do you have a piercing other than the classic earlobe? What is your favorite one and do you plan to get another soon? 

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