Top Five Forward Helix Earrings: Turning Heads For Spring 2021

October 24, 2021

Before getting a clear understanding of forward helix earrings, let us understand the piercing style first. This is an exclusive type of ear piercing. It is considered exclusive because of its ability to be customized and also because of its complicated nature.

This piercing goes on the upper or exterior cartilage very close to the face. The cartilage is pierced through the forward-facing surface right above the tragus. While uncommon, this kind of piercing is low in maintenance and has the potential of being a truly individual and personal choice.

Coming to the forward helix earrings, they are a fancier way of detailing the upper cartilage of the ears. They can either be single, double or even triple depending on the number. Nevertheless, do not confuse them with cartilage earrings. The top 5 earrings you must don to turn heads this Spring 2021 are as follows:


These are stunning and one of the best choices for the forward helix piercings. You can clean them very easily while they are also easy to maintain. You can go for circular, curved, or straight barbells. All three styles are comfortable, with the circular and the curved styles being more comfortable. This goes special for the users who are in the habit of sleeping on their sides.

Curved barbells are the same as hoops except that they feature an opening. Barbells come with rounded tips, and thus they are not just comfortable to wear but even do not snag with bedsheets and other items.


Both barbells and studs are used interchangeably, but they even have a subtle difference. The studs are different from barbells, basically in the design of their backing. Studs generally feature butterfly, screw, friction, and push-back backings, while the barbells feature screws on balls. And yes, the studs are always straight.

That being said, barbells and studs happen to be the most popular choice when it comes to choosing earrings for the forward helix piercing.


Hoops are undoubtedly the best option for forward helix piercings because they are eye-catching and comfortable to wear at the same time. They make room for immense creativity, offering users the option of wearing them in varied ways.

There are different gauges and sizes that you can choose in a hoop style earring for the forward helix. Hence, make sure to choose one that is comfortable to wear. Common hoop style earrings include unembellished, thin, and classic circles of metal. They look absolutely gorgeous in the double and triple helix piercing styles.

Captive Bead Rings

The captive bead rings are also a popular style of earring for the forward helix piercing. They are exclusive and stylish items that you can wear only after your piercing heals completely. Nature-inspired bead ring charms have also gained huge popularity. They include flowers, leaves, and feathers in their design.

Helix Cuffs

These earrings hold on to the edge of the ears and look quite similar to the piercings that need no holes for staying steady. This is one of the most excellent options for individuals looking to don a forward helix piercing style without taking the piercing pain.


A word of caution when choosing forward helix earrings is that make sure they are of the highest quality. At the same time, it is also important for you to ensure that the earrings hold on to the cartilage securely and look stunning in every way.

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