How To Remove An AR-15 Pistol Grip

August 3, 2020

You just got a brand new firearm, an AR-15, and you do not like how the grip feels when you handle it. It is also possible that the grip is perfectly fine, and you just feel like upgrading it. Gun users love to upgrade their firearms and install new, better parts. Whatever your reason is for removing your AR-15’s grip, there are some precautions and tips you need to know before doing it. Installing a new AR-15 grip is easy, but it needs to be done with extreme care. Keep on reading if you want to know how to remove your AR-15 grip in the best possible way.

Safety First

The first and foremost thing you need to be conscious of before tinkering with any firearm is safety. Before you start working on your AR-15, make sure you are in your garage or in a place where you will be by yourself. Prohibit little kids from entering where you will be working, try to distract them anyhow you can. Once the space is clear, you are ready to begin. Put on the safety of your gun and remove the magazine. Emptying your gun of bullets and putting it on safety is important to avoid any mishap or accident. If you do not make your AR-15 as harmless as possible, something bad could happen as you are handling the grip. Once you have put the bullets back in safely you are ready to begin practicing. You will be surprised at how quickly you will go through bullets, so it is a smart idea to look at a company like Bulk Munitions (by clicking here), which is a great place to get ammunition in bulk.

Get A Replacement Grip And Other Helpful Tools

You need to purchase a replacement AR-15 grip before you can think of removing your present one. When you have a replacement AR-15 grip, you need to have the tools that will help you remove the old grip. You will need a lubricator to oil up the different tools you will be using and the holes they will be going into. You will need a screw, but the type of screw you will get depends on your AR-15 grip. You will also need a screwdriver for the installation of the new parts. As a safety precaution, make sure you are wearing a pair of safety goggles. As for the lower receiver that sits above the pistol grip, you can buy ar15 lower receivers from

Follow Youtube Tutorials

You are finally ready and well equipped to replace your AR-15 grip, and all that is left now is extra guidance. YouTube will be very helpful for you, because there is nothing like someone taking you through the motions. There are a lot of helpful channels that are dedicated to educating gun users on how to tinker with their guns and install upgrades. One search on YouTube will provide you with the right tutorial you need to proceed with removing your AR-15 grip and installing a new one. Follow YouTube tutorials from gun experts well, and you will become a gun expert yourself in no time.

Removing your AR-15 grip requires safety, concentration, and the right knowledge. Once you have put the right safety measures in place and you are concentrated on the task at hand, you are already ready to go. Not knowing how to remove your AR-15 grip can easily be solved with a few clicks on Youtube, where things are explained expertly. Follow all the tips in this article, and you will be changing pistol grips like a pro in no time.

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