How To Use A Cigar Punch

August 3, 2020

What Is A Cigar Punch

A cigar punch is essentially what it sounds like. It is a type of cigar cutter​, which creates a tiny circle on the head of the cigar.

Cigar cutter slices the cap off from the cigar, whereas a cigar punch makes a small hole in the cap of the cigar.  Most of the cutters cut the cap in one swift motion. With a cigar punch, the blades are inserted in the cap and twisted till a hole is created.

Cigar punch works well only on cigars with a round cap. It gives the cigar a smaller opening compared to the other cutters, because of this reason, any type of cigar which is cut this way will smoke like a torpedo, making the smoke mesh together through the small opening.

Some cigar lovers believe this, as it gives a more complex taste. Since most of the cigar’s cap is retained in this type of cut, the risk of getting tobacco pieces in the mouth is reduced.

 Smokers who are new at smoking cigars prefer this type of cut due to this reason. Most of the cigar punch cutters are attached to keychains, so it is easier to carry around. 

How To Use It

This type of cutter is very simple and convenient to use. According to some smokers, it is much easier to use than a V-cutter or guillotine. 

You begin by holding the cigar firmly, place the cutter over the cigar. While gently moving the cutter back and forth, apply light pressure. Once the cap is broken, you can press a little longer till the punch is a few millimeters deep.

After this, remove the cap, blow in the hole to remove any tobacco dust. If your cigar has a wide gauge, then you may have to make more than just one hole, till you achieve the desired draw. 

Mostly this style of cut is used for cigar gauges that are over 60. However, you can use this for torpedo cigars as well, since the cigar size of this type, can handle a lot of punches and is unable to fit in a traditional straight cutter.

This cut does not allow room for mistakes, and you must get it right the first time around. This makes it not so beginner-friendly. If you want to try this type of cut the next time you smoke, make sure you buy a high-quality cutter. Otherwise, using a poor quality cutter can end up destroying your cigar. 

Punch cutters come in various sizes. Blades that have a larger circumference remove a bigger aperture from the cap of a cigar and offer a looser and easier draw.  For big ring gauge cigars, larger punches are more ideal. Many types of punch cutters are available.

Some have a retractable blade, while others come with a cap that snaps on and off over the blade. Many cigar torch lighters have a built-in punch cutter. No matter what kind of punch cutter you use, the rules are the same for cutting a cigar with a punch.  

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