Things To Know About Macau Before You Plan To Pay A Visit

August 3, 2020

The planet holds a myriad of wonders within its embraces. And it is only human to not know everything about everything. There are too many places to visit in this finite lifetime and too many things to learn about before paying a visit to these places. And while learning everything about a place is not always possible, one can always try and absorb the pieces of information that can contribute to making a journey significant and pleasant. Speaking of which, the place that we have decided to talk about in this article is Macau. Macau has emerged as the gambling capital of the world over the last few years. And this goes against the popular belief that Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world. In any case, there are more reasons to visit Macau than just gambling and casinos, and that is exactly what we are going to be looking into in this article. 

Macau Is The World’s Most Densely Populated Place

To give you a figure, Macau has a population density of 20,497 people per square kilometer. And this figure is perhaps enough to give you an idea about how densely populated the place is. Over 30 million people frequent Macau every year and it, therefore, leaves very little room for the surprise that Macau needed to upgrade its land acquisition policies to make space for new sources of entertainment houses and casinos. And this is also one of the many reasons why Macau gradually emerged as the gambling capital of the world. Coloane and Taipa are the two islands that Macau reclaimed, which added about 5.2 square kilometers. 

Coloane Is Devoid Of The Craze Of The Casinos

If you are wondering that Macau is all about gambling and casinos, and that you would find no respite from them, you would be relieved to know that Coloane does not have casinos within its territory. It is a calm and chill place for you to hang or stay a day or two. If you want to visit Macau and explore other options of tourist attractions besides the casinos, you definitely need to visit Coloane. And while your stay, if you are ever struck by the idea that you need to pay a visit to a casino and quench your curiosity, all of Macau shall welcome you with open arms. 

Locals Find A Great Source Of Income In The Casinos

If data according to this US casino report are to be believed, which sheds light on the role of casinos in creating more jobs, then the casinos in Macau provide employment opportunities to one in every five locals. To provide a more precise figure, about 20 per cent of the population in Macau finds employment in the casinos. Also, according to another delightful regulation, 50 per cent of the casino floors in Macau must prohibit smoking. This regulation puts a tab on the behaviour of the visitors in the casinos. The locals do not always visit the casinos, and the casino floors pull the crowd mostly from the mainland of China and Hong Kong.

Macau Beaches Have Black Sand

Well, in all honesty, it is not all the beaches that have black sand in Macau. But, Hac Sa beach, which is Macau’s largest natural beach and is situated on the Southeast of the Coloane Island has black sand. The reason for the black sand is the minerals that are washed ashore and keep piling up. Whatever the case might be, a beach which has black sand is definitely unique and makes for a major tourist attraction. If you want to enjoy the locales and indulge in the natural beauty of the land, then Hac Sa beach must make it to your priority list.


Macau is a land that has asserted its independence from the mainland of China and come up with refreshing laws and regulations of its own. These laws have made room for the tourism industry to grow in leaps and bounds, and one of the most significant contributions to the industry is the casino. However, Macau has more wonders up its sleeves. If you are up for it and want to explore more of your travelling pursuits, then plan your itinerary for Macau and regale your friends and family with the stories.  

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