Collaboration between Athletes and Fashion Brand that gave us exciting products

July 28, 2020

Athletes have an undeniable selling force. Hence their collaboration with sportswear brands is nothing new. Recently, a new trend has emerged called ‘athleisure.’ In this trend, classic brands collaborate with sportsmen/ sportswomen to create a line of affordable yet durable products.  

Here are some of the most exciting collaborations

Sunglasses by Ray-Ban featuring Scuderia Ferrari

Ray-Ban is one of the leaders of the optical industry. In their latest sunglasses line, they have collaborated with Scuderia Ferrari and launched an exclusive series of sunglasses for loyal fans of Formula 1. The sunglasses are for those who love speed, beautiful cars, and exclusivity. The models depict the perfect mixture of quality, sophistication, and Italian style. Each pair of sunglasses have a signature Ferrari color and logo, which features a black horse on a yellow background.  

Modern Essentials By H & M featuring David Beckham 

One of the most fashionable athletes made his way into the fashion industry with H&M. The Modern essential line which features David Beckham is about body wear. It has boxers, trunks, tanks and pajama bottoms.  After this, the athlete made a 5-year contract with the Swedish giant. 

Sportswear by Nike featuring LeBron James 

It is a full line of women and men’s sportswear clothes and accessories. The line has attractive joggers that have unique patterns on them. Meanwhile, the shirts of both genders in the range are Laker’s jerseys. 

EleVen by Steve and Barry’s featuring Venus Williams 

After getting recognition on the tennis court, the athlete launched her clothing line in partnership with Steve & Barry’s. The clothing line constituted of fitness-wear, skirts, tops, and dresses. 

Ties by The Tie bar featuring Dwyane Wade

He is known for his eye-catching dress-up before games. He is known to be one of the most stylish players of the NBA. His Collection with The tie bar features attractive tie designs, patterns, and colors. A bit different from what other athletes do, but it was quite a success. 

Clothing line by Express featuring Stephen Curry 

The basketball player has a whole line of products with Express. His clothing line with them consists of casual wear for men. In this line, there are fitted-button down shirts, slim-fit pants, and accessories. 

Salmons and BrownWhere by Sherman Brown featuring Jhon Salmon

This line consists of men and women’s wear. The early 19th-century era inspires it. The suits and shirts are ready to wear and have seamless stitching. What started as a clothing line has turned into a partnership between the athlete and the fashion designer!

Suits by Indochino featuring Steve Nash 

It is a very fashionable men-suits line by Indochino. The suits are classic, and they have a neutral color scheme. The most ah-factor this clothing line is the timeless-fit of the clothes. Interestingly, most of the suits of this line were sold out in the first few months.  

Hawk clothing by Khol featuring Tony Hawk 

Tony Hawk is a known name in the pro-skating category. The line has clothes for children and teenagers. The shirt, shorts, and the sneaks in the collection have a hawk-head logo as adieu to the skater. 

Livestrong Featuring Lance Armstrong 

The road racing cyclist Armstrong’s line features cycling, walking, and running gear and casual apparel. The products in this line are yellow and black. Also, the proceeds from this line go into the LiveStrong fund.     

Athletes today are setting themselves up as a brand. These endorsements bring them much more money then what the club plays them. Also, this sets them up for life after retirement.  

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