How To Stay Dry In A Seat On Top Of A Kayak

August 3, 2020

Going kayaking is a very fun experience. Kayaking, whether done recreationally or for sports, is very enjoyable. One of the best things about kayaking is that it’s a fun sport; you have a lot of fun while unknowingly exercising. Kayaking is also a nice bonding experience that promotes teamwork. Kayak may look intimidating if you are new to it. If you are new to kayaking, you should make sure you rent a beginner kayak. One of the hazards, depending on how you look at it, of kayaking is constantly being wet. A lot of people want to go kayaking, but cannot stand constantly being wet. Although it is almost impossible to go kayaking and not get wet, there are some ways around it. Continue reading this article to know how you can stay dry in a set on top of a kayak.

Wear A Wetsuit Or Drysuit

Suppose you want to protect your body from cold water while kayaking, you should go kayaking with a wet suit or drysuit. The type of suit you will want to use when you go kayaking depends on you. If you have no problem wearing a tight suit that will keep you warm when water splashes, you can try a wetsuit. Drysuits do the same work wets suits do but are baggier. Dry or wetsuits are your best options, because they will keep you dry on your kayak, no matter the amount of water that splashes.  

Do Not Go Into Very Turbulent Water 

Another way you can stay dry in a kayak is by staying in the gentle waters. Do not paddle your kayak to turbulent waters where a lot of water will splash on you. If you kayak in turbulent waters, water will constantly get into your kayak, and you will always be wet. You and your kayaking partner, if you have one, should make sure to only paddle in gentle waters. By staying out of turbulent waters, you can remain dry to a certain extent.

Accept That You Are Going To Get Wet

Honestly, getting wet is inevitable when you are going kayaking. While you can take some measures to remain dry, you have to prepare your mind for it. Kayaking is on water, and you will be paddling a lot. While you and your partner are paddling, water will splash on your water to a certain degree. If you cannot afford to have water splash on you, you should take some time to prepare your mind. 

Wet suits and dry suits can protect you from water splashes, but you may not enjoy the kayaking experience. Getting wet is part of the kayaking experience and makes it what it is. While you can take some preventive measures to avoid getting wet, you will not really be experiencing kayaking. If you know you absolutely cannot afford to get wet, then maybe kayaking is not for you yet. However, if you love to take chances, try going full in when you go kayaking. Go kayaking now, and you will enjoy the wetness. 

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