Why Are Shot Timers So Expensive

August 3, 2020

A shot timer is a very shot activated timer that is used for sports shooting, which helps in starting the competitor by an audible signal. It also helps in recording the competitor’s time electronically. The time, therefore, is recorded to hundredths of a second.

Different shot timers possess a different range of features depending upon their cost. Some shot timers include the big board display and excellent memory storage for the previous runs, while others have an adjustable shot detector sensitivity feature.

So, readers! As a defensive shooter, the best thing you can do for yourself is to purchase a shot timer. It helps you gauge your progress of both accuracy and speed. A shot timer permits you to set a benchmark and continues to train you towards an end goal of quick competency. One should always bring the shot timer during the competition season. It is one of the best training tools you can purchase for yourself.

Sadly, a lot of shooters do not buy the valuable shot timers. They pass them off as just a competition tool and nothing else. These shooters never buy these shot timers, because of more money. They do not understand how it will be helpful for them to get a proficient shooter. Thereupon, they cannot justify the price to buy a single shot timer.

It brings a question here: why is the shot timer so expensive? Yes, you heard it right. Shot timers are so much money. It is because it’s a much-calling item without a lot of the competition to help push the price down. However, when you think upon the fact that a single shot timer will work for many years and using only one will help you gain more success as a shooter, I must say that the price is well worth the money.

It is true that paying for a single significant thing is more efficient than a bundle of things. So, do not wait! Go and get your best quality shot timer for this competition season. Since becoming the best shooter requires you to measure both of your progress and current skill level accurately.

With an efficient shot timer, you can easily track and measure your perfect accuracy results depending upon your personal goals in life. You cannot use the shot timers for recreational shootings. Therefore, if you want to improve your defensive shooting capabilities, you wanna learn more about the shot timer.

An efficient shot timer is a wonderful addition to your range kit. Therefore, I recommend you to purchase two of the most quality shot timers. The one is the Pocket Pro 2, and the other is the Rangitsch BT shot timer, which is probably the most affordable shot timer in the market.


For proficient shooting, using a shot timer is not a bad idea. Although shot timers are much costly, they probably help you get trained easily. So, if you want to become highly proficient in shooting, I suggest you buy a useful shot timer for yourself. 

Please note that using shot timer applications is just not worth it. Because most of the apps are buggy, or else your phone is not designed for such apps. So never rely upon apps.

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