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November 27, 2020

Eric J Dalius: A man of unique business acumen with a philanthropic bent of mind

Only those who understand and acknowledge the importance of education would enable students to have a bright mind and life. EJ Dalius is one of those few examples to look up to and follow. He can be a successful entrepreneur, a businessperson, and a sharp marketing whiz, but he is a genuine and valuable human being at the core above all this. He is a self-made man who firmly believes that society prospers when you prosper. Hence, he encourages people to study, work harder, and earn more so that their country and the whole world progress. He enjoys coaching people and organizations to bring change in their lives.

Professional journey

Soon after completing graduation, he started working for MCI Telecom, and within two years, became a well-known face in the country for his sales expertise. From there, he went to another organization to explore creativity and freedom. His successful career kept him busy and growing. In mid-1994, he dipped his toes into entrepreneurship, building a telecommunications consulting business. The personal venture kept him occupied; still, he went ahead and guided people, including students and investors. The 90s was one of his best decades.

Next, in 2002, Eric Dalius established another venture, CORE (Cash Out Real Estate). The realty business based on a AAA model clocked more than 10 million in sales. He would buy properties and refinance them. Like this, his portfolio became massive, with nearly 50 properties. After the 2008 recession, the company shut down its operations.

However, the never-ending energy and the intent to give back keep him active and focused. He started the Eric J. Dalius Foundation in 2018 and concentrating on this. Since he is into numerous philanthropic activities, he wants to bring them all under one roof.

Personal life

Eric J Dalius is a man of high morals and ethics. He gives significant importance to education as it shapes anyone’s character and career. That’s why he helps students study and excel in their field through the Eric Dalius Scholarship. They can use grants and scholarships to fulfill their higher education dreams without feeling the pinch of the financial burden.

Eric himself has done marketing studies at Penn State University in 1992. He completed his graduation with outstanding marks. Presently, he lives in the dynamic port city of Miami. It is his hometown, and he loves this place. You can listen to plenty of his thoughts and ideas about this beautiful location upon a meeting. He can tirelessly talk about it.

Although he has reached mid-retirement age, Eric’s enthusiasm to do something new and help others keeps him going. Whenever he gets time and an opportunity, he shares his insights with the willing candidates. He continues to shape young minds and empower organizations to do well. And he does all this because he thinks everyone should make their society flourish. Everyone in his eyes deserves a better life, a better tomorrow. Hence, one can say he is on a journey that would never end. His marketing mind, experience, and helping hand can be an asset for anyone, from students to entrepreneurs to seasoned investors.

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