Four Reasons Why Children Should Read Books

November 26, 2020

Have you started reading to your children at night yet? After reading the article, you will definitely start! Only the most useful arguments supported by research.

Emotional Connection

Reading aloud strengthens the connection between the reader and the child. Already a newborn can read your favorite books aloud. The most important thing is your voice and physical proximity.

A reading ritual, such as before going to bed, structures the day. The story you read gives your child peace of mind, security, and a sense of security. Check this article to find top books read with your kid for certain grades from professional teachers

Children often snuggle up to their mother or father while reading and feel the vibration of the voice in their body.

Among the US military who serve in other countries, there is a practice of sending children their audio recordings of fairy tales. It is believed that this way the connection with the child is not lost. The same experience can be adopted by parents who are forced to be absent due to business trips or divorce.

Kind Of Preparation For Life

In the stories they read, the child can safely replay potentially disturbing and dangerous moments. He gets to know people, situations, and worlds that are not part of his daily life. Reading broadens the mind, increases emotional understanding, and increases empathy (the ability to feel and consciously understand other people’s emotions, feelings, and states).

Studies show that children who read daily or at least a few times a week, later it is much easier to start reading on their own. They had no difficulty with the alphabet, and learning to read was not tedious.

Reading aloud helps children learn to concentrate. When such a child comes to school, he has already learned to listen and understand what he has heard. He is familiar with the forms of the language, has acquired a large active and passive vocabulary, is able to pronounce words correctly, and does not try to avoid difficult and rare words.

Cultural Development

The kid sees how the book “works”. How adults flip through it, how the story slides from left to right and across the pages, how the letters look. Of course, he can view illustrated books alone, but only through reading and explaining the illustrations, colors, and texts are combined into a meaningful story.

Lauren Grabois Fischer has the perfect collection and all her books teach kids to be proud of who they are. The Be Books is a children’s book publishing company that believes in empowering and educating our youth to live a positive and peaceful life.

Illustrated books can be considered as the first touch of art. Develop the child’s imagination and own fantasies. These Bible storybooks made simple make great reading materials to learn all about the Christian faith and Christian values in a fun and engaging way. The books are carefully illustrated and written in a way that makes a sometimes hard material easy to read, understand, and enjoy. 

It is recommended to read the book first, and only then watch the film adaptation of any of the top books with a ‘plot twist’. For example, if you start reading Harry Potter now, all the characters, places, and events will be like in a movie. Alas, it is already difficult for one’s own ideas to resist such established images.

The Winner Is Also The One Who Reads

To adults reading aloud allows you to return to your own childhood, look with new eyes at the familiar stories. As a child, it does not raise any questions. The meaning of what is read aloud is captured better. In addition, this is a well-known technique for those who write and translate. Reading aloud allows you to determine whether the rhythm and tempo of the text is chosen correctly, whether all the words fit, and whether the sentences are arranged correctly.

Do you read to your children? What books are your favorites?

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