Car Rentals In Japan: Easy Hacks To Save Your Money While You Travel

August 6, 2020

When you travel to Japan, you would not want to miss any of the amazing destinations that the Land of the Rising Sun is so well known for. But even as the country has an advanced public transport system, it may not always be a feasible option for tourists who want to visit such exotic places. While some locations are accessible if you take the bus, train, taxi, or foot route, the effort and time spent traveling make car rentals a better option. Additionally, you have great flexibility with your own transport, so it is much easier to make as many detours as you want and carry heavy luggage around as well. Moreover, there are some smart ways you can economize car rentals as you explore Japan. Let us share some easy hacks to help:

Always Find And Compare A Few Options

Savvy travelers go the extra mile to save money by scrutinizing airfares and hotel room rates before booking. Consider doing the same with car rental rates as well. Even before you leave for your Japanese vacation, check some car rental websites at your destination and compare their prices to find the one that offers value for money. Also, go through their review because you would not want to end up with poor services or old vehicles just to save some money.

Look For Deals And Offers

While you search websites, you can probably find some good deals and offers online. These could be some discounts on early booking or some limited time deals for a holiday period. Apart from the offers on websites, you can also get discounts by paying with some credit cards. Check these deals thoroughly and see how you can save your money as you rent a vehicle of your choice for exploring Japan.

Be Watchful About The Hidden Charges

If you are really serious about saving money on car rentals in Japan, have a good look at the rental costs and find if there are any hidden charges you have to pay. Experts at Jomon Car Rentals recommend that you should avoid taking the rental cost at face value. Rather, check for extras like energy surcharges, vehicle licensing fees and tire and battery recovery fees, because they can elevate the advertised price to a significant extent.

Decline Rental Insurance If You Are Already Covered

Some renters end up spending uselessly on rental insurance when they do not even require it. Before buying it, double-check with your insurance agent to verify whether you are already covered while driving overseas and what kind of coverage you have. You can skip the insurance and save considerably if you are already covered. However, topping up is a wise decision if you are not covered because you would not want to get into trouble in a foreign location.

Get Smart With Routes And Fuel Usage

This is not a money-saving hack, but pure common sense. Opting for the shortest route can save you a lot of fuel and you will end up saving on car rentals. However, this requires some work if you are exploring foreign locales and have no idea about the routes. Pay attention to your GPS navigation or have a smart travel buddy who can handle the maps for you. Being sensible with navigation could save you a lot of fuel money.

Finally, being judicious with the choice of the rental car can make a lot of difference. Even as you will have to opt for the size according to your requirements, sticking to fuel-efficient cars is always a good idea.

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