Eleven Essential DIY Tools Everyone Should Own

August 8, 2020

We spend a lot of time, effort, and money on making our homes look great.  Whether you are a keen DIY expert or you prefer the convenience of paying to get things done, it is still a good idea to keep a selection of tools to fix those little jobs that come up from time to time. 

Though there is a tool or gadget for absolutely everything these days, these are the bare essentials you should have in your home. 

A Hammer 

The humble hammer has hardly changed in hundreds of years. That is because it is such a useful thing to have around. Not only can you hang pictures or remove nails with them, but they are also good for flat-packed furniture too. 

A Drill 

Another all-rounder which can help you put up shelves, hang pictures, build flat packed furniture, but you can also buy a variety of attachments that can turn your drill into a polisher or rust remover. There are many types of drill to choose from, read the latest blog and reviews to decide which one is right for your needs and budget. 


It is amazing how many things in the home need a screwdriver. Everything from shelves, to furniture, to children’s toys. Even the arm on your sunglasses is tightened with a tiny screw. It is best to have a selection of sizes available, so that you are ready for any eventuality. 

You can also get an electric screwdriver too, which comes with a range of attachments and can make life a lot easier. 


If you have a blocked sink or toilet, a plunger is a lifesaver for getting everything moving again. The traditional shape of the plunger is used on sinks, you will need a specially shaped one for unblocking toilets. You will not need to use these very often, but when you do, you will be glad you had them. 

A Craft Knife

Craft knives are another all-rounder in the home.  You can use them to open packages, cut carpet, wallpaper, and vinyl flooring. It even has some culinary uses and you can use it to score the fat on ham or belly pork. 

A Tape Measure

Another one of those little items that you do not use very often, but is absolutely invaluable when you need it. Use it to measure rooms for carpets or decide whether a piece of furniture is going to fit into space or how long your drapes need to be. If you are a bit of a gadget lover, you can also get a laser measurer that can measure a space down to the last millimeter for extreme accuracy.

A Saw

There are many types of saw out there for different jobs. Most simple DIY tasks that need a saw are usually cutting things like wood, laminate flooring, or pipes. You could get a good quality manual saw, but depending on what you are cutting, it might take quite a long time to get the job done. Try a handheld jigsaw instead.  You can get them for a relatively cheap price and they can take care of most household DIY cutting jobs. 

Pipe/Cable Detector 

Something as simple as hanging a photo can turn into a nightmare if you accidentally hammer through a water pipe of electrical cable in the wall. Luckily, there are small devices you can get to detect if there is anything in the wall you are intending to hammer or drill into. 

A Selection Of Tape

There are many kinds of tape for different jobs. Duct tape is good for the more heavy-duty needs, electricians tape can safely be applied to wiring, and masking tape can be used to mark off areas you are decorating, without damaging the walls underneath.  

Everyone should stock up on these items as they are invaluable in a lot of household tasks.  


How often do you need to reach up on top of cupboards or paint a ceiling or wall? It is tempting to just pull up a dining chair or box but that can lead to you falling and injuring yourself. A chair is not designed to be used like that and will not distribute your weight properly, especially if you lean too far in one direction. Instead, get yourself some stepladders. They do not have to be high, just two or three steps, but can make your life a lot easier and safer. 

A Workbench

Using the floor, or your table to rest on when you are doing DIY is a recipe for a damaged table. Workbenches are not as cumbersome as you might think and can easily be folded away into a small space. Most workbenches come with hand vices built in to keep materials secure while you are working on them too. 

So, there you have it, your ultimate list of DIY must-haves. Like most products, there are basic, cheaper versions and more expensive styles too. You do not necessarily have to break the bank to update your tools, just look out for quality and value. 

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