Why You Need To Find a Hobby

November 6, 2021


Hobbies are a great way to keep ourselves busy while improving our health. The best part is that they a hobby can be whatever you want it to be!

  1. What is a hobby?

A hobby is something that you do for fun or personal fulfillment. However, hobbies can be much more than time fillers because they can easily turn into passions that give your life meaning. Through a hobby, you can gain valuable skills that you can use in other areas of your life. Last but not least, they’re good for your mind and body. The best part is that a hobby can be anything you enjoy doing, from gardening to collecting something that you find valuable. 

  1. Why you should start one? Benefits of hobbies

Researchers found that having a hobby was beneficial for heart health and even protects against dementia later in life. Hobbies are also a form of leisure activity can result in immediate stress relief from which we can all benefit. Lower stress levels improve mental and physical well-being, like better focus, increased motivation, and increased lifespan.

Hobbies help us “clock out” especially if you are working from home and have a hard time with attaining a work/life balance. A hobby can help you unplug mentally and physically and if you choose an outdoor hobby, not only will you get a break from your phone or computer screen and get some fresh air and vitamin D, but you will also lower your PECO utility expenses by using less energy at home.

 Different hobbies can have different direct benefits but lots of hobbies also cross-pollinate with one another. For example, if you want to get better at critical thinking and problem solving, all you need to do is play chess. But doing tai chi is both a mental and a physical hobby that you can do both solo or in a group.

Physical hobbies can increase the heart rate, stimulate brain function, strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility, increase our energy levels and can even be a meditative experience.

The mental and emotional benefits of creative hobbies have been well-known for decades as they help us get into a state of ‘flow’ and unleash our creativity.

 Solo hobbies such as cooking or reading use your brain and improve your brain. Cooking improves our ability to focus, multitask, and pay attention to detail while simultaneously stimulating creativity and being treat for our senses. Writing challenges your mind to think from a different perspective and helps you organize your thoughts. Doing something by yourself also opens you to experience the immense power of silence.

On the other hand, social hobbies like book clubs or playing board games can help you create friendships and there’s nothing like having a friend when life gets rough.

  1. How to find a new hobby?

The best way to start searching for a hobby is to just try something new. The world is full of wonderful activities that we can explore. If you are worried about hobbies being expensive, there are lots of cheap and even free hobbies that are fun, educational and rewarding. 

 The second thing you should do is think of your personality to narrow down your list of possible activities that are suited for you. For example, are you the creative type or do you prefer being active? Do you want to escape or create a tangible gain? Although your hobby is probably a way to keep you engaged and happy, you can also have other goals in mind such as earning an additional income.

Discover the DIY universe

Start on anything that needs fixing around your house or give your friends self-made presents. All you have to do is google DIY activities and you’ll learn a new skill in no time in this extraordinary universe. You could make a scrapbook about a holiday or your most important life events. Scrapbooking is an lovely way to help you remember all the best chapters of your life. If you need inspiration, Pinterest has your back.

 Learn new things

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. What are you passionate about? Just find ways to become more knowledgeable about your passion. You can learn a new language that corresponds to your favorite food or travel destination so you can practice it on your next holiday. Another simple option is learning how to cook as besides being fun, it will benefit your health and your wallet.


Gardening can be fulfilling and therapeutic, as well as entertaining. Whether you want to plant something, get an indoor plants and enjoy free spices, or just cleaning out the weeds from your yard, taking care of your garden can give you a sense of satisfaction of a job well done, while getting you in sync with nature.

Physical activity

Try a yoga online session. It will make you stronger, more flexible and balanced while soothing your mind. It’s been around for over 5,000 years so you will find many different approaches with different rhythms that can suit any type of personality.


If you don’t end up falling in love with a hobby, no harm done – all you have to do is find another one. One of the best parts about a hobby is that it usually involves a low stake so you can easily just choose to do something else. You’re free to try whatever you find interesting with no strings attached. Take as long as you want to explore something new, as there’s no race or a deadline. You will know when you have found the right one because it will activate your senses as you get to discover a whole new world.

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