Tarot Reading – Understanding the Tarot Court Cards

August 13, 2020

The great thing about us humans is that we always have questions. Our capacity to learn and be taught is limitless as well as our urge to be more intelligent. Thus, this results into modern innovations, approaches and products that we can only dream of during the early years. But of course, even though it has no limits, we often get stuck with questions about emotions and personal issues that inhibits our ability to seek what is great for us. This causes anxiety, depression and confusion. That is why we have to nurture it with more than just the scientific, we also have to put in some of the hidden knowledge.

I turned to Tarot readings when I felt that I am no longer comfortable with what I am feeling. The biggest question mark is the unknown and it can never really be answered unless it happens. And through this, we learn and get stronger. Tarot readings help us with that, and most likely, it will result in a better future and version of our lives for us.

For beginners, tarots have 78 pieces of cards, which is considered to be one deck, and with this deck, a spiritual medium can make interpretations about what is happening to your life, what hinders you from doing well and what issues you need to resolve in order to achieve peace. And these cards have images, different symbols, and characters that represent different meanings. Some of them are easy to interpret, but some are really complex, and these cards are called court cards.

Court cards in tarot readings are the cards that can have or represent multiple meanings, persons, situations, etc. and are mostly hard to interpret, especially for beginners. To understand the meaning of the Court cards, here are some tips:


  1. Before the actual reading, make a decision if you wish the court card to represent a person a trait, or situation. This can help you out big time during the reading
  2. Always rely on your intuition. Make sure that it is your inner voice that you are hearing, not others. You alone can see the true meaning of the card.
  3. Lastly, make a list of possible interpretations that coincides greatly or connects the most with the present situation, person, or trait.

A court card can also represent levels of maturity aside from people, situations, and traits. It may refer to actual maturity but mostly interprets the maturity of the mindset, whether or not you are ready to understand the past, the present, and your possible future. It can also appear in the form of a journey, the path where your mindset to understand certain situations is ready or not, thus giving it a timeline-based interpretation.

If you want more discussions and details about this topic, I suggest that you visit OnlinetarotReadings.net  so you can learn more about it and get better interpretations and techniques. Remember, there is always more than meets the eye.

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