What Should you Eat to Balance your pH and Alkalize your Body

August 13, 2020

The concept behind the popular alkaline diet is some foods cause acidity and damages to the body. To lessen these effects, there must be a limitation is eating acidic-forming foods, and consume foods that add alkalinity to the system.

Alkaline Food Groups

According to Alkaline Naturals alkaline herb shop , the alkaline diet requires 80 percent of the diet to be alkaline-rich. For the other 20 percent, it should be neutral-forming foods but must be consumed minimally.

Generally, an alkaline diet recommends eating fresher and more organic whenever possible. These food groups are filled with minerals that help neutralize the body, reducing more body wastes. Furthermore, organic foods have higher nutritional content compared to non-organic ones.

The following are alkaline food groups that must be consumed to alkalize the body and maintain its normal pH levels.


Most of the vegetables, especially dark and green, are considered alkalizing. Vegetables should be eaten in the least processed way possible to achieve better alkalizing results.

It means that instead of deep-frying, raw, or steamed preparation is better. It is to maintain the minerals and other nutrients contained in it. Herbal teas and fresh juices are also excellent options.


While most of the fruits are also alkaline-rich ones, there are still acids, like cranberries, plums, and berries. Like vegetables, fruits have to be least prepared when used for an alkaline diet. Instead of cooking and pasteurizing, consuming it raw is excellent. This is to avoid breaking down some of the minerals these foods have.

Most of the fruit groups are rich in Vitamin C, which most people think causes acidity. The truth is that despite the acidity any fruit can have, the body will only be affected once these are consumed. When digested, the acid they produce during the process is the only chemical that can affect the body.

Seeds and Nuts

Some of the seed groups that are alkalizing are almonds, chia, sesame, and chestnuts. Some nuts and seeds are somewhat acidic. But if they are soaked and sprouted before eating, these seeds will become more alkalizing.

Furthermore, processed seeds and seed oils like sunflower and canola oil are neutral in form, so they should be taken cautiously. In choosing seed and nut groups for an alkaline diet, it should be fresh and cold-pressed.

Beans and Grains

Most of the beans and grains are acidic in form, so it is crucial to be particular in including these food groups in the alkaline diet.

The grains that can be included in this diet are millet, quinoa, and amaranth. Meanwhile, the best beans are fresh soy products, lima beans, and green peas. These can still be consumed for whole grains and legumes as long as it will be soaked well before eating.

Foods like pasta, cereals, and bread should be avoided to be part of the alkaline diet.

The alkaline diet is not just cutting out acidic foods in the meal plan completely. While further studies are still working on its effectiveness, the alkaline diet is all about prioritizing food groups that help normalize the body’s pH levels.


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