The Denver Airport: Everything You Need To Know

August 13, 2020

The Denver Airport sits on a vast area of about 34,000 acres making it the largest in the USA in terms of the landmass covered. However in terms of business level the airport ranks fifth in the US and 20th worldwide. More than 60 million passengers every year rely on the use of this airfield.


Before you take off to the airport it is only right that there must be a couple of things you may like to know. Understand that every visitor has access to maps, staff and courtesy telephones for use in sourcing for any piece of information required. Subsequently below are things to know about the DEN.


Conspiracy Theories

The DEN is an unconventional and scenic airfield in the country. Since the airport serves as the entry to the Rockies, otherwise known as the Rocky Mountains in Western North America, it has a peculiar design.


The roof of the DEN is covered using white peaks made using fiberglass. The total numbers of the white tops are about 34 and they were designed for the purpose of resembling Colorado’s snow-capped mountaintops. The fiberglass formulated white tents match the adjacent Rocky Mountains.


The unusual DIA layout, illustrations and wall paintings has made some people believe that the airfield serves as a covert black operation site. Some even claim the covert construct is home to the lizard people who in secrecy manage the world’s affairs.


Transportation to the International Airport

  • Taxis: Generally taxi services to the DIA are provided courtesy of popular taxicab services in Denver such as Yellow Cab. Direct taxi services are also available in various Denver environs including Downtown.


  • Ride sharing Services: Services such as Uber are accessible not only from Denver but also from adjacent areas. The ride sharing service pricing depends mostly on the distance covered and time.


Early Arrival

Remember only to leave your house having confirmed that flight departure is as planned.

Though traffic experience is not heavy as with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, it is still recommended that visitors get there earlier. You should arrive at the airfield two and three hours prior to domestic and international flights respectively.


DIA experiences busier periods during the holidays, traveling periods and mornings. During such times you should give yourself enough boarding preparation time by arriving earlier. Remember that you have to undergo flight checking-in and security checking-in before being allowed in your particular flight gate.


Lost Luggage Reporting

The domestic and international landing field has a specified area situated in the Jeppesen Entrance for reporting missing personal belongings. The lounge is positioned on Level 5,on both the terminal’s west and east wing dependent on the air company.


Going to the Jeppesen lounge is made more accessible by a train after the arrival of commuters on entrances A, B and C. Once a passenger has alighted from the train he/she is supposed to use an elevator or moving staircase to reach Level 5. From the airport line a passenger will immediately be confronted with conspicuous Luggage Claim signs.


Claiming DIA baggage is possible from both wings of the Jeppesen station and conveniently labeled. On the terminal’s east wing the passenger will find conveyors 1 to 9 and on the west wing there are conveyors 10 to 19. There are displays for checking the specific DIA luggage carousel to convey your luggage.


As well Level 5 provides ground transportation for travelers. A passenger has access to taxi, bus, shuttle, and limousine transport.


Bag Dropping Service

For expedient air travel the air station allows free services of luggage dropping in up to three areas including the Transit Center. Luggage dropping service is chiefly for local air travel. For international destination passengers the facility of luggage dropping is not available.


Some of the things to remember include:


  • Bag dropping settings such as Pikes Peak lounge allows convenient luggage dropping off from one’s car. Bag drops function from 2am to 7pm on Fridays and for the rest of the week from 2am to 4pm.
  • For service use every passenger has to drop the bag at least 1 hour 30 minutes prior to the flight departure.
  • Bag fees for airlines may be required and can be paid at bag drop areas.
  • The location of the Transit Center for luggage dropping off is situated on Level 1 and accessible from 6am to 6pm.


Electrical Charging Outlets

DIA understands the significance of having adequate charge in passenger electronics such as tablets and laptops. For that reason it provides charging outlets intended for personal devices in the concourses and Jeppesen Terminal.

Young Child Traveling Solo

A guardian or parent must confirm with the DEN about its official procedure on a child traveling alone. For a child drop off or pick up at a gate it is a requirement that you must get from the airline appropriate security authorization. Authorization proof can be obtained from the registration counter.


Furry Friend’s Relief Locations

If any traveler owns a pet it should be welcoming to know the air station provides relief spaces. The pet relief locations are available in all of the lounges and the outer of the Jeppesen Terminal.


Relief locations are hospitable, comfy with necessary features. Pet holders are required to undertake a proper cleanup once their pets have done their business.


Wireless Internet Access

The Denver International airfield offers internet access without expense across its breadth and width. For establishing internet connectivity follow this straightforward process.


  • Turn on wireless connectivity
  • Locate the free Wi-Fi name for the DEN airfield and subsequently make a connection
  • Now online browsing becomes possible


Smoking Locations

Though the facility does not encourage smoking it still makes it possible for smokers to have access to numerous labeled smoking zones. The zones for smokers are only available before undergoing necessary clearance and arriving at your specific gate.


Smoking locations are available on the west and east side of the Jeppesen facility in Level 4, 5 and 6 in properly marked areas.


Water Access Points

Denver airfield provides areas for you to fill your water bottles. Every concourse has at least one location for water filling in a bottle.


Lost Items

DIA has a reporting office for travelers who misplace or lose anything while traveling. Office working hours from Monday to Friday is 8am-7.30pm and from Saturday-Sunday it begins at 8am and ends at 6pm. While lost items can be reported in the office it can also be done online.


Postal Services

The airport provides mail delivery services within its facility available in a couple of entrances. Other companies offering mail delivery services are FedExand United Parcel Service in entrances B and C.

Airport Parking DIA

There are several alternatives for airport car parking depending on a traveler’s budget and preference. There are more than 40 000 parking spaces available within the airfield.


Parking alternatives are broadly categorized into:


  1. Short-term parking
  2. Long-term parking such as Garage, Economy, 61st and Peña, Short-Term and Shuttle


In conclusion, apart from the airport parking DIA alternatives passengers can also access private parking near the landing field. If you need a parking space adjacent to the DIA for your car space booking needs to be done in advance. Choose a service that saves your time and offers exceptional parking service.




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