4 Tips for Selecting a Great Production Company

January 23, 2018

Film studios can help you bring that script to life, or create marketing videos for your company among other things.  Even though the investment is quite substantial, it is most definitely worth it if the product you leave with is superior and helps you market your business effectively.  The difficult part for most people is selecting the right production company.  Since you are required to make a partial payment upfront, it is important that you check out the company and make an informed decision.  Here are some tips to help you select a great production company:

  1. Don’t get carried away bythe demo reel – Even though a demo reel is important and most companies have them on their home pages, you need to see the full video in order to get a good idea of the work they do. A demo reel only gives you clips of the various projects that they have done in the past.  Even though you want a video that looks fabulous, it must also be effective in communicating your message.  Look through the pages of their website to find videos of past work.  If none is displayed on there, find out why.
  2. Find out what projects they have worked on in the recent past – This gives you a good idea of what you can expect them to do for you. It will also let you know if they are keeping up with current trends in the industry.  Visit their social media pages as well to find out what they are doing on a daily basis as well.
  3. Review different quotations.Florida film production companies are not cheap, so be sure to take a look at different quotations before you settle on one. The different estimates will help you gauge what the average price range should be.  You should note, however, that the price ranges can have a wide variance.  Gauge the pricing against the quality of projects carried out in the past and then settle on the one that works best for you.
  4. Check out their range of services – A good studio will provide you with a comprehensive range of services that should include the following:
    • Production crews – These should be professionals who are fully trained, working with the very best quality equipment.
    • Set design – Set designers should be available to help you create the right set for your video.
    • Transport – If you need help with pickup, drop off or both, they should be able to organize that.
    • Post production services – Creative operators should be on hand to edit videos, produce excellent graphics, as well as author DVDs.
    • Photography – A professional photographer should be on hand to shoot stills at your request.
    • Stunt and rescue – A good production company will ensure that your people have a working environment that is safe when filming high-impact scenes.
    • Production of commercials and music videos – They should offer packages that fit a variety of budget ranges.
    • Sound design –They should also provide sound design for movies, television, infomercials and commercials.

With these tips, you can be sure that you will find a studio that fits your needs.


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