Five Parts Of A Dress Shirt You Did Not Know Were Important

January 24, 2018

Dress shirts are an important part of any business or casual attire. Most men do not understand the important parts of a dress shirt that will make the fit and comfort exactly as they wish. One of the most popular shirts across the world are Eton shirts. Suppliers of Eton shirts will help you find the best fit for you and most likely ship your shirt to you across the world for free. But what are most important parts of a dress shirt? Here is a list of five parts that will help you find the right fit for you:

1. The Types Of Fit Across Your Torso

Most men have a problem with their shirts fitting across their torso. It is mainly because they buy their shirts off the rack and do not actually fit them at the store. It is understandable, because it takes time to try on a shirt to make sure the fit is correct. If you can see your chest between the buttons, then its too tight and if the fabric hangs over your belt by an inch or more, then it is too loose. It is worth the time, however, to find the right fit that gives you movability and comfort without seeming too big and sloppy. There are basically three types of fit. The classic fit is what your father and grandfather probably wore and gives you the most comfort and flexibility. You should be able to raise your arms to shoulder height and keep the shirt from stretching. Slim fit is for those men who are slim. The style creates a v-shape from your shoulders down to your waist. If you are not slim, this is not the fit for you. The final fit style is the modern or contemporary fit. It takes the slimming properties of the slim fit and combines it with the looser classic fit. The taper to the waist is only slight and give an impression of slimming without actually creating a problem at your waist.

2. Types Of Fabric

Fabrics come in cotton to cotton blend to and everything in between. It is best to choose a fabric that will breathe and is not stiff or tends to wrinkle. Colors of fabrics have become very diverse over the years and include intense colors to pastel and understated colors. The classic white shirt still goes with pretty much anything is the most sold shirt worldwide. Patterns are also available to men now and give you way to stand out from your peers. Twill shirts can feel quite different from poplin shirts and tend to last longer. The striped shirt brings a sense of fun and sophistication to any business suit and is a staple for business casual Fridays. One of the least used patterns is the checked shirt. It can be pulled off for a casual business meeting or weekend retreat where business suits are too formal.

3. The Collars Have It

The collar of your shirt plays a big role in how your face is framed. Depending on the type of collar you choose, you could make your face look rounder or slimmer. There are seven general types of collars. They are the spread collar, button-down collar, classic collar, club collar, small collar, evening collar, and the Mao collar, also known as the Mandarin collar. The most popular collars are the spread collar, button-down collar, and classic collar. Make sure to check how each collar compares against your face to find your best feature, then stick with that collar style.

4. Are Your Cuffs Right?

You may not consider this to be important, but the cuff is what keeps your shirt in place on your arms. They are also the most visible when you are wearing a blazer or jacket. There are two different kinds of cuffs and each has a specific job and occasion. The standard cuff has at least one button to hold it in place and is easiest to wear. Although, the more formal option is called the french cuff and requires cufflinks to keep the closed. The standard buttoned cuff come in different styles from the barrel style that fully closes to the three quarter open style cuff. It all depends on your personal preference and how much cuff you will be showing.

5. The Hem of It All

Shirts hems are important, because depending on the hem you will wear the shirt tucked or untucked for a more casual look. Classic hems have longer fronts and backs that are meant to be tucked in and stay tucked whether you bend down or sit. These are important to fit properly, so your shirt does not come untucked during a meeting and create an unkempt look. The straight hemmed shirt is made to be untucked and is a more casual option best suited for business casual fridays or with a short blazer for a sporty look.

These parts of a dress shirt are important to consider when choosing the right shirt for you. The best way to make the shirt fit you perfectly is to hire a tailor to fit every aspect of your shirt to your style.

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