Low Effort Fashion: Closet Must-Haves For Men On The Go

September 18, 2021

Style can feel complicated, and when you live a busy lifestyle it can feel like a bit of a chore to have to consider what to wear day in and day out, in order to keep looking your best at all times. When you care about your appearance but you do not have endless time or money to take care of it, it can begin to feel a little frustrating. But this is not a dead-end problem. 

Understanding style basics can go a long way in helping you to look good on the go. Every style-conscious man should have a few important style staples in his closet that will help him to ensure that he will look put-together no matter what he throws on in the morning. Here are a few ideas to get your wardrobe started:

Plain Button-Ups

Whether you are dressing up or down, having a selection of good quality button-up shirts is a must-have for a stylish closet. Try to opt for whites, blues, blacks and tan colours, since these are classic and simple styles that can be paired with almost any pants, shoes sweaters or jackets you might feel like throwing on. Roll the sleeves up for a casual lunch, or keep them down for business meetings – this piece is extremely versatile. 

Dress Shoes

A good outfit all comes together with a classy pair of shoes. While sneakers and trainers are perfect for certain social events, causal shopping or hanging out with family, you’ll want to invest in a good pair of dress shoes for work, events and when you just feel like you need to look a little more put-together. Opt for men’s elevator dress shoes if you want to add a little height, and try to go for a color that works best with your wardrobe and personal type — classic black leather is always a safe option. 


The perfect pant for an in-between outing: not too dressy but not super casual. A good pair of chinos (or three) is perfect to have in your closet for work events, dates, meetings or even just some weekend fun. Just like with the button-up shirts, these can be dressed up or down to suit your needs and can make you look instantly ready to take on whatever life throws at you. Once again, neutral colours like tans and blues are a good option for chinos. 

Knitted Sweaters

A little more classy than your average crewneck, a knitted sweater will pair great with a casual pair of jeans and sneakers, as well as with your dress shoes and chinos. Knits are a good go-between for casual or smart dress. Feel free to be a bit more experimental when it comes to the color of your sweaters — maroons, deep greens, and mustard yellows will look good when paired with your neutral-toned bottoms and button-ups, and it will be easy to pair different items together.


Every man needs a good quality pair of jeans to get them through the weekends. Your chinos and dress pants will look fresh and smart, but comfort and casual wear are important too. Find a staple pair of jeans that you love (perhaps a dark and a light pair each) and that works well with your overall style. The fit of your jeans is important since you will want them to be comfortable and not too tight. Pair these with T-shirts, sweaters and even button-ups for a smart-casual look. 

Plain T-Shirts

Your casual dress is just as important as your smart dress, do not be fooled! If you are concerned about style and looking classy, then casual wear might be a bit more difficult to navigate, but keeping things simple is the best way to go. Plain white, grey and black T-shirts are an important staple in anyone’s wardrobe and can be paired with almost anything you own. Colorful and patterned T-shirts are also great additions to your closet to keep your outfits exciting and interesting. 


The accessory side of an outfit is not a ladies-only area. Any outfit can be brought together and heightened with some classy accessories added to it. Your socks and tie are pretty standard and staple in your closet, especially for work: perhaps try bringing in some interesting colours in these items, and invest in a few scarves to bring your outfits together in the colder months. On top of this, think of the best skeleton face watches, cufflinks, and jewelery if you wear it. When you shop wisely, throwing your items on in the morning becomes easy as one-two-three. 

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