Five Practical Ways To Save On Your Car Insurance

August 14, 2020

There is no amount too small to pursue when it comes to saving money. This is especially true with some expenses, such as your insurance premium. There is also the fact that you do not have to sacrifice coverage amount or protection level when trying to save money on your car insurance.

You can do so many things to lower your car insurance premium by a significant amount. In this article, however, we are going to focus more on the practical steps that you can take to immediately reduce your car insurance premium by up to 50%.

Compare Deals

Using a car insurance comparison tool when searching for the right car insurance policy to buy is a must-do. For example,, a leading car insurance comparison tool, lets you compare quotes from local and national insurance providers in an instant.

Comparing deals lets you find the best ones to look into further. You can also compare insurance deals based on the coverage types and amounts, as well as their premiums, allowing you to spot the most valuable car insurance policy to get in no time. Getting an estimate of your car insurance rates takes time, knowledge, and research. It can be a challenging task. But it does not have to be,” says, Managing Editor for “Our car insurance estimator or car insurance estimator tool provides customized estimates in less than 30 seconds based on your age, location, and other variables.

Drive Less

Do you know that you can substantially lower your annual mileage — and your car insurance premium — by being more organized with your trips? The daily trips to the shop and other short, often unnecessary trips are eating into your mileage limit more than you realise.

Being more organised with your trips and driving less can help you lower your annual mileage and your insurance premium. By reducing your annual mileage, you can reduce your premium by a whopping 40% in some cases.

Buy Multiple Insurance Policies

Another great way to immediately save on your car insurance is by utilising the bulk discount. When you buy multiple car insurance policies from the same company, you can actually get the policies at a higher discount.

You can even earn a bulk discount when buying multiple insurance policies from the same company, meaning you still qualify for the discount if you get your car insurance from the same company that provides you with your homeowner insurance.


This next tip is even more practical: ask for a discount. Before you decide to buy a car insurance policy, ask for a discount. The insurance market is more competitive than ever, so do not be surprised to see an additional discount of up to 10% being added just because you enquired.

You can even mention how you are comparing insurance deals from multiple providers. You may be able to trigger a larger discount in some cases, so you will end up with an even lower car insurance premium for the policy that you want.

Drive Safely

Last, but certainly not least, maintain a clean driving history to further lower your premium. If you already have a clean history, you can present your spotless track records to earn a better quote for your car insurance.

A way to get around having to wait for the entire year to enjoy this reduction is by taking an advanced driving course. Complete the course and submit the certification the next time you request a quote from a car insurance company.

There are so many ways to save on your car insurance premium, but these practical tips are the ones to use if you want to get started and save money immediately.

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