The Best Wedding Flower Bouquets To Opt For

August 14, 2020

Everything about a wedding should be unique! And nothing symbolizes a marriage better than a beautifully designed flower bouquet sent to your loved one getting married if you cannot attend. From the romantic cascade to the hand-tied bouquets, the choices today are endless. Bridal flowers have a special significance on the wedding day. Hence, it is essential to choose a flower bouquet that complements the wedding theme, couples, and the entire setting. Also, you can preserve wedding flowers bouquets as a piece of jewelry and, it will be a long-lasting memory on someone’s heart.

Today, several service providers help you with beautiful flower delivery to your friend or a dear one’s wedding day that you cannot attend for personal reasons. You can select the flower bouquet from various options such as the:

The Nosegay

A nosegay bouquet is a popular and traditional bouquet that gets arranged in a round shape. It comprises of a tight flower bunch that gets cut into uniform style and length. The flowers get packed tightly and then get tied using an accenting wire or a fabric wrap. Usually, this bouquet has one focal color or a flower as the main show of the flower bouquet. It is known for its classic and elegant look. If your dear one is having a small indoor wedding, you can use this chic bouquet to add magic to the intimacy and romance around.


The bridal cascade bouquets have a waterfall of flowers. You can choose the flower blooms along with greenery and provide a tapering effect. The bouquet’s look has a hang and drop-down impact so that it takes up an upside-down teardrop shape. You can opt-in for the cascade bouquet if your loved one has an elegant and high-end wedding. It is perfect for a costly garden wedding where you have other beautiful blooms. You can also preserve your wedding flower bouquet to keep a memento of your special day.

The flower delivery service makes use of the hand-tied process to create this bouquet. However, if you want it to be very formal, the provider will make it look very classy and elegant. You can use any flower for this wedding bouquet. However, the best choices are making use of lilies and garden roses that adds a modern touch to this flower bouquet.


The Biedermeier bouquets are conventionally round and comprise of a flower that gets cut and wrapped uniformly and tightly, using a wire or a fabric. This bouquet type aligns the flowers in precise concentric circles around one another. It can have a striped impact on the entire bouquet. This look is very artistic and creative and is perfect for a destination wedding. You can choose flowers like dahlias, roses, orchids, and many other textured-filled blooms to make this bouquet look excellent.


You can choose a posy bouquet for a classic wedding theme. It is apt for the petite brides and flower girls and bridesmaid who get to hold a smaller bouquet. The posy bouquet comprises of a tiny circle bouquet which gets tied with a decorative ribbon. You can easily carry it in one hand. The posy bouquets usually feature many flowers and show very less greenery. The blooms such as peonies, roses, gerbera daisies, and ranunculus get used mostly.


When you look at a compositive bouquet, it will reflect perfection and innovation. You can use several blooms, petals, and buds for this bouquet and then wire it together, which appears like one flower that gets created from small flower blooms. The composite bouquets provide a sumptuous and extravagant ambiance. You can use it for the lavish weddings with a soft color palette in the wedding theme and decoration. It is not for the DIY bride. You need to get it arranged professionally, for the bouquet to look and appear beautiful.

Not every florist has the experienced of arranging a composite bouquet. It is a rare bouquet type. Hence you need to choose your florist correctly. This bouquet might also cost you a few extra dollars. However, if you want a simple design to create a huge impact and you are willing to pay more, this is the bridal bouquet that you should send to your friend.

Today, popular flower delivery service providers specialize in bouquets for weddings and have their archive of options. It is always best to research the best bridal bouquets and choose the florist or flower delivery shop to help you get the same. As you browse online for such a shop, make sure you draw up a list of three to five service providers and research extensively. You can check out the flower gallery they have and ask if you can customize your bouquet or not. Make the price comparisons and also check whether the bouquet would get delivered within the required time. If everything falls in place, make sure that the service providers’ commitment matches the claim. That way, you can join hands with the best service provider.

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