Air Conditioning Through Heat Pumps via Hot Water Service Newcastle

August 14, 2020

The choice of a good heating or air conditioning system of Hot water services Newcastle is of utmost importance since these services represent 70% of the energy costs of a home. One of those great alternatives is air conditioning with heat pumps since despite being a fairly unknown system, it is one of the most efficient in terms of energy consumption. With the possibility of being used reversibly, that is, it can be used in air conditioning, heating, or domestic hot water production.

Heat pumps are systems that have great benefits when used for air conditioning, heating or domestic hot water in homes. So much so that in 2011 they were chosen by Greenpeace as the best heating system with an emphasis on their energy efficiency. This is due to the way they work and generate energy from them. Its operation is based on transporting heat instead of generating it.

To give us an idea, heat pumps can produce up to 5 times more energy than they consume. It may sound strange to you, but it is not. These types of systems do not generate heat through the energy they consume, as would be the case of boilers or other heating systems that use fuel. The main characteristic of the heat pump is based on using electricity to move heat from one place to another and it is possible by applying some laws of thermodynamic physics. Hot water services Newcastle Heat pumps do not produce heat, on the contrary, it introduces it into the home if what we want is to heat; or expels it from the premises if what we want is to air-condition.

A heat pump can be reversible, that is, it is capable of working in two directions or in a unidirectional way so that it only produces cold or heat. Furthermore, it is possible to install an integral heat pump, which has the ability to provide cooling, heating and/or

DHW domestic hot water production. In this way, it is possible to cover most of the energy needs of a home, except for the kitchen and lighting.

Advantages of air conditioning by heat pumps

The advantages of a heating and air conditioning by heat pumps are innumerable, which makes this type of system one of the most attractive today. Among many of the advantages that we could list, we can highlight the following:

They have a very high-energy efficiency since they consume up to 4 times less energy than any other heating system as per example a conventional boiler.

One of its main advantages is that they can be reversible, that is, the same equipment can be used for air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.

When we talk about air conditioning by heat pump, we are talking about three different types of systems or technologies: aerothermal heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, and hydronic heat pumps. These three heating or air conditioning systems work in the same way: obtain energy from the environment and transform it or take it to the place that wants to be air-conditioned or heated. However, they are differentiated by where the energy is extracted:

Now, having a little clearer operation (heat pump air conditioning), we can say with certainty that the Hot water services Newcastle heat pumps are the most efficient and profitable system for obtaining energy when compared to other refrigeration, for the following reasons:

A heat pump is capable of generating up to 6kW of energy for each 1kW of energy used, as would be the case for geothermal heat pumps. In the case of xerothermic (the most used at present in Spain) up to 4kW for each 1kW of energy and similarly as aerothermal power plants.

What type of home is this appliance profitable for and why?

Heat pumps are mainly applicable for all types of homes, however, and depending on a few factors and weather conditions; one may be more attractive than the other. Heat pumps are usually installed in most cases in private or single-family homes, with the aerothermal system currently being the most widely used. Aerothermal heat pumps, however, are more recommended for areas that do not have extreme weather conditions, since the energy source is air.

Geothermal or hydronic heat pumps are ideal for houses located in regions with more extreme conditions, such as Asturias and perfect for air conditioning using a heat pump. However, if we live in a small study or room, a heat pump can be ideal since it will give us a good saving in case of being an Inverter. In houses with a greater number of square meters to be air-conditioned, a good system can be used, although in some cases parallel systems may be required if necessary.

If we talk about an electric radiator or another type of traditional apparatus, we can say with certainty that it consumes 1 kW for every 1 kW of thermal production. With this, we can conclude that the heat pump air conditioning will save us a significant sum of money. Here are some models of air conditioners with heat pumps.

Installation of heat pumps in different homes for air conditioning

The installation of heat pumps is not something from another world, however, we must take into account the type of house and the type of heat pump that we want to install since they must be located in strategic places according to the type of pump that be.

Depending on the heat pump you want to install, we must take into account the above points in relation to the land we have or the space we want to allocate for it. In floors, aerothermal heat pumps are recommended for air conditioning by the heat pump and more if the house is located in the Mediterranean area. For larger houses, the other heat pumps Hot water services Newcastle are appropriate and can be installed after a site evaluation. Thus all to highlight, that the thermo-thermal, for this type of housing, can also be optimal.

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