Natural Tips To Prevent Getting Sunburnt

August 14, 2020

It is a lovely afternoon; the skies are clear, and you cannot think of anything else but to catch some warm rays. Maybe you want to exercise outdoors, go sailing or plan a picnic? But then you think about all of the sun cream which you must apply to avoid getting sunburnt. It is daunting. While we cannot truly avoid sun cream, there are some additional natural ways to prevent sunburn, which can help you avoid it in the long run.

What Happens When You Get Sunburnt?

Sunburn occurs after overexposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. This creates a burn on the skin, which is usually a red, sometimes swollen, painful patch. Depending on your skin type and level of exposure to the sun, this could range from a light red hue to a much more painful darker red. You will certainly know when it occurs!

What Are The Natural Ways To Prevent It?

While there are chemical products are designed to protect you from the sun, many of the times we apply whatever we have at home, unaware of the contents of these products. Other times, sun cream causes the skin to feel sticky and unpleasant. So, it is very important to be aware of some natural ways to prevent sunburn, without thinking of chemical products first. Here is a list of a few natural ways to prevent sunburn:

  • Limit Time In The Sun

The simplest yet most effective way to prevent sunburn is limiting the time you spend in the sun! Nutritionists recommend spending less time during peak hours from 10am to 4pm. Or simply catching small doses of sun and spending the remaining time in the shade will also help keep you protected. The shade helps rejuvenate your skin after heat exposure! You could even install a canopy in your garden to make this even easier for you and your family.

  • Dress To Protect

If you must be in the sun for longer periods of time, be sure to dress in UV protective clothing. It might be tempting to throw on a summery dress or loose-fitting clothes, but the more skin exposed means more risk! 

Choose longer sleeves and trousers and be sure to select the right fabric. Fabric plays a huge role in protecting your skin from the sun. Synthetic fabrics, like polyester, offer a lot more protection than elastic fibres. Alongside this, throw on a hat and rock some sunglasses! Dressing up from head to toe may sound uncomfortable in the warm weather, but it aids in preventing sunburn.

  • Nutrients Works Wonders

Think of sunburn like an inflammation. This inflammation gets even worse when our insides are already inflamed. Basically, this means our internals are affected by an unhealthy diet like consuming processed foods. Limiting sugar and refined carbohydrates, like breads and rice, reduces the blood sugar rush that occurs after these are consumed. Also, adding more Omega-3 fatty acids like tuna and salmon to your diet gives you healthier skin. As these foods are also rich in Vitamin D, they will increase your tolerance to the sun! 

Be sure to also consume healthier oils like extra virgin olive oil. Additionally, antioxidant foods such as blueberries are great for your diet! By incorporating these foods into your lifestyle, you could avoid getting burnt more often in the long run.

  • Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is a super-antioxidant supplement that is found in algae, selfish, salmon, and other organisms. It is known as an ‘internal sun cream’, because when ingested it prepares your skin for the sun and increases your tolerance to it. It works wonders but it does takes about a month to kick in. But when it does, you can prevent yourself from getting sunburnt with more tolerance to the blazing sun!

  • Natural Sun Cream

There are specific oils that act as natural sun creams, like carrot seed oil, raspberry seed oil, wheat germ oil, and avocado oil. However, try to avoid coconut oil in the sun. While it may nourish your skin at home, it does not protect your skin from sunburn in the sun. If you are still not sure if oil is the best protection for your skin and still wish to apply sun cream, then why not choose a cream without chemicals instead? A few include True Natural Sunscreen, California Baby Sunscreen and Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen.

Regularly applying sun cream is crucial to protecting your skin from sunburn. However, there are natural ways to do this too, such as simply staying in the shade or eating healthier. Altogether, your skin will be happy and less likely to burn too!

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