Ej Dalius: Is passion enough for starting up?

August 17, 2020

Many small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures tend to be the result of someone’s passion behind it; it can be a journey of several emergencies and a few business opportunities. You have to overcome hurdles and identify the road to progress. For example, cash flow is one of the most common challenges faced by any small business. But whether it is this or something else, you can sail through them all if you have a vision and personal goal. And you will have these only when you are passionate.

Some people can argue that passion may not be everything for running a business. Skills, understanding, and mindset also matter. While it is true, you cannot deny that your inner drive can help you scale any wall and reach your dreams.The serial entrepreneur and marketer, EjDalius, believes there are three reasons why you need to have this trait to be successful in your endeavor.

Propels you to make things happen by Eric J Dalius

Starting a business is not an easy job, and it can be more challenging to think about it when you don’t have enough resources. But if you have passion, you will persistently work towards solving problems and not give up quickly. You will find ways to optimize your limited capital, build a team, and so on. Studies also prove that a large number of people take a plunge in this to chase their passion. There cannot be any doubt that this trait can motivate you to proceed with a clear vision and plan, adds Eric J Dalius.

Makes you work harder without feeling any pressure

Your natural interest can keep you going without making you feel tired. You will not see it as work because you know it requires you to juggle between different roles for endless hours. From a back-office assistant to an accountant to customer support, you will wear many hats. When things start becoming better, you can add people to your team and delegate some responsibilities. But until then, you have to endure the long working hours, where you may not even get a chance to breathe.

Usually, entrepreneurs have to put in more than 40 hours every week, and one out of three have to dedicate at least 50 hours each week. The concept of the weekend may vanish because you have too many things to achieve.  Eventually, all this will pay off if your vision, strategies, and team are in the right alignment.

Helps you keep your team focused and invested by Eric Dalius

The success of any venture depends on its team also. You have to hire the right people who can take your vision forward and turn it into reality. Look for people who share your passion because only they can understand the value of dreams. However, working for a startup may not be an easy decision for them. They need inspiration and direction from people at the helm. At the same time, if your team is focused, you will also get strength from them to make it successful, Eric Dalius adds.

In essence, your passion can drive you to do everything, encouraging you to push boundaries as much as possible. And when you start a small business, you may often have to do this not by choice but compulsion. However, since it is your rooted desire that led you here, you may not mind giving it all.







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