How to channelize your entrepreneurial genius during COVID-19 like Ej Dalius?

August 17, 2020

Business challenges are reaching a new height after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak! No business entrepreneur and company owner expected that 2020 would be a year of lockdowns and social distancing, which will give rise to disrupted supply chain, decreased revenue, lost business opportunities, pay cuts, job losses, and economic recession. These are practically the economic outcomes of the pandemic. And it makes it challenging for the start-up, small, and other business owners to stay motivated and work towards reviving and carrying on with their business.

What does Ej Dalius have to say?

The best business survival strategies are usually born out of challenging times! Currently, the old ways of marketing and brand promotion will not work anymore. According to EjDalius, it is a time for business entrepreneurs to channel their inner entrepreneurial passion and drive to make sure that their business firms stay afloat and gradually move towards making a profit. He also suggests a few ways to channelize the entrepreneurial vision and zest to carry on with business activities during the COVID-19 phase. 

  1. “Get scared, but don’t give up,” says Eric J Dalius.

Currently, business owners have no idea about how to plan their business game plan. The economy is in a state of shock, and it will take time to heal from the turbulence and get back to normalcy. It is natural for entrepreneurs to get scared. Staying positive every time might seem like a Herculean task when the world economy and business is in such a challenging state. While it’s completely normal to get scared, it is essential to keep going.

Eric Dalius says that entrepreneurs should keep on planning on ways to enhance their business. If the external events and marketing activities get canceled, it is essential to plan online sessions and business activities. Giving up at the face of a global crisis is not a solution. 

  • Staying motivated

It is crucial for entrepreneurs to stay motivated. Thinking positive is vital more than ever. Entrepreneurs can study successful business case studies to draw inspiration. It will help them read about multiple start-up brands and small business firms and their marketing and business survival strategies during various crises. It will allow them to get inspired and channel their inner drive to shape their business the way they want.

  • Constant learning

Ej Dalius believes that knowledge dispels most fear and entrepreneurial anxiety. Hence, currently, when the pandemic outbreak is high, entrepreneurs must make the most of the time and update their know-how. If they lack marketing skills, it is an excellent time to opt-in for online workshops and seminars. Also, reading the best marketing and branding journals will guide them back to their entrepreneurial vision and zest, which might have gone silent because of the sudden COVID-19 outbreak. Planning for the future is essential, as this situation will not last forever.

Entrepreneurs are go-getters and need to find a solution to every problem. What keeps a business going despite all odds is the entrepreneurs’ inner zest and the drive to do better. The ways mentioned above will help entrepreneurs to channelize their skills and move on despite all odds.

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