Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach on How American Hospitals to Fight the Corona Pandemic

August 19, 2020

The corona virus pandemic has greatly contributed to the death of numerous people, closed businesses, as well as negatively effecting jobs in the last few months. Considering the negative impact this pandemic can inflict, the hospitals in the United States need to prepare to fight the virus to reduce the number of deaths and ensure that there is no dearth of patient beds, medications, medical equipment, testing kits, and most essentially, healthcare professionals like doctors and nurses,who treat the patients impacted by the virus.

The question that persists, is how the American healthcare system is responding to this situation? To get your answers, you need to readthis article. The following will describe the steps of how the American hospitals should attempt to fight the corona pandemic.

Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach asks to support frontline doctors and nurses

Studies suggest that the COVID-19 infection spreads through direct contact and droplet transmission. With the correct preventative measures, the transmission could be stopped. The doctors and nurses in U.S hospitals should receive training on how to don and doff person protective equipment. Similarly these professionals should familiarize themselves with shielding equipment such as powered air-cleansing respirators, fit testing of N95 facemasks, and fundamental infection prevention steps such as the use of hand sanitizers.

The American hospitals and health centers should provide and promote 100 percent hand hygiene to prevent the spread of corona. There should be zero tolerance when it comes to not wearing masks and not cleaning hands with soap or sanitizer.

Building a strategy for patient capacity and complications

Data shows that the U.S hospitals are currently equipped with approximately 95,000 beds for critical patients, including specialty and unit beds. According to history and other experts in the healthcare field, it is recommended that the hospitals should prepare themselves by doubling the numbers as this corona pandemic shares similarities with the influenza epidemics of 1957 or 1968.

Benjamin Gordon of Palm Beach believes that patients will require additional resources if they become critically ill. The resources required, includes ventilators and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. The hospitals in the country should consider the best way to treat critically ill patients based on medical needs, the assignment of resources, as well as which wards these patients should be placed in.

The healthcare facilities should attempt to geographically isolate patients affected with the virus as to minimize the number of medical experts susceptible to infections, and preserve medical supplies as these are viable assets in the fight against the pandemic.

Thinking of a plan to assign healthcare resources

During the corona pandemic, healthcare resources must be assigned in a practical, logical, and organized manner in order to benefit a large number of patients affected by corona. The hospitals and health centers in the country should have a business-as-usual mindset so that they can accommodate ailing patients in the best possible way.

A strategy must be devised to define what kind of medical procedures and services would be provided as well as determining what procedures and services should be avoided. Additionally, alternative clinical instructions for the implementation or rejection of limited services like critical care and mechanical ventilation must be determined. All of this should be done only after consulting doctors and medical professionals. More importantly, it is essential to utilize morals and ethics when determining the plans and actions relating to patients and individual lives.

Proper rules and regulations should be followed when it comes to triaging, patient observation, quarantining, and early discharge. These aspects are extremely important to battle the pandemic.

Final words

By following these proposed steps, the U.S healthcare system could potentially decrease the overall threat that the corona virus presents as well as effectively treat patients suffering from this sickness.

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