Five Amateur Putting Mistakes: Do This To Correct Them

August 18, 2020

It can be so frustrating to hit a couple of great golf shots from the tee to green and then ruin your scorecard with a three-putt that could so easily have been avoided.

Practice makes perfect, so they say, but it is also likely that you might be falling into the trap of executing some classic amateur putting mistakes.

Investing in one of the best blade putters is one way to potentially improve your score and you could also aim to cut out some of the following putting mistakes from your golf game.

Are You Lining Your Putt Up Correctly?

Misalignment is probably the major cause of missed putts and if your aim is even slightly out your brain and body will probably try to make adjustments for that and the ball will invariably run past the hole as a result.

A good tip would be to pick a spot about six inches ahead of the ball and aim your putt to run over the top of that. This is a method known as spot putting and it will help you to align correctly.

Be Consistent

If you watch a professional golfer they have a strict routine that they adhere to every time they address the ball.

Inconsistencies with the way you line up your shot will produce inconsistent results.

Work on a routine that means the ball position is the same every time, especially if you want to see more of your putts disappear into the cup.

Get The Right Grip

It is important to remember that the type of grip you are using is nowhere near as relevant as the level of pressure you are using to hold the club.

If you were to ask the majority of golf professionals and instructors they would most likely say that amateur golfers tend to grip the club much more tightly and this has the effect of introducing a less natural swing and rhythm.

Your aim should be to be as passive as possible with your grip so that you get much more of a “feel” of the putt you are making.

Do Not Get Too Technical

Amateur golfers tend to overthink their shots and that can often mean that it is hard to achieve a decent level of consistency.

Putting is one aspect of the golf game that needs to be as natural as possible in order to see your scorecard improve.

Get The Right Tempo

If you spend some time watching a professional gold tournament you will see that every golfer seems to have an almost metronomic quality to their putting stroke.

A consistent tempo is the key to dropping more of your putts in the cup each round you play.

You are bound to feel a bit of pressure when you are standing over the ball and you have a putt to win the hole, but if you can work on practicing a tempo that is consistent it will help you to cope better with the situation and improve your putting.

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