10 Common Fashion Mistakes Most Women Make

August 20, 2020

Some women are the embodiment of timeless elegance. Think of Audrey Hepburn and Sarah Jessica Parker. They maintained a consistent original style, yet never had a rendezvous with a fashion fiasco.

Beauty may be skin deep, but fashion is a part of personal development. We analyzed the styles of top fashionistas and supermodels and found that they never err when it comes to fashion.

If you avoid some of the common fashion mistakes too, you will be well on the road to becoming the high-street fashion cover-girl.

What mistakes, you ask? Well, you’ve got the questions and we’ve got your back!

  1. Ill-fitted clothes

Most women dress in clothes that fit too snug, or too loose. And that’s where they go horribly wrong! A lot of brands are trapping customers in the web of vanity-sizing for years.

Spending enough time in the trial room or at the outfitter can help you get the fit that enhances your curves in the right way.

  1. Exposing too much

There is a subtle art in gauging how short the short skirt should be. Too much skin show is not the right measure of dressing fashionably.

No classy woman ever paired a plunging neckline with a dangerously high slit. Such a dress is as bad as an apocalypse of the viewers. Also, it is incredibly uncomfortable for the person who is wearing it.

Remember, fashion is about visually appealing clothing and not about brazen exposure.

  1. Overlooking footwear

Women think of footwear, just before stepping out. After spending hours perfecting their look, they ruin it by putting on worn-out or inappropriate footwear.

High heels are okay for long dresses and skirts, but with shorter skirts and shorts, it’s better to wear sports shoes or flat-wear. And of course, your shoes should be clean and un-withered.

Invest in a pair of nude or grey color footwear that will go well with black, white, red, or yellow!

  1. Over-accessorizing

Accessories should enhance your dressing, just like spice enhances the flavor of food. Too much of it is always in bad taste. If you’re going to wear a large neckpiece, leave aside the flashy earrings.

And you don’t have to load on with the belt, the bag, and the bracelet. All at the same time is too much bling. Go with Gucci accessories for a graceful look.

  1. Ignoring make-up

You may be following a diligent skin-care routine already. We hate to burst a bubble here, but there is one word for the perfect natural look, and that’s natural-makeup! read make up tricks to look younger.

The glass skin is a myth unless you are genetically blessed or have water-retention issues. The practical guide to flawless skin suggests you use minimalist beauty products, with nude and natural tones.

  1. Unkempt dressing

Actions speak louder than words, and un-ironed shabby clothes speak louder than actions. You can safely assume the crinkles in your shirt and the creases on your trousers will distract your audience. Every single time.

Spare a couple of minutes and iron your clothes before donning them. When you ride the cab or sit in the lounge, make sure you don’t crush your dress.

  1. Choice of undergarments

Underwear is meant to go unnoticed under your clothes. But if you wear an ill-fitting or inappropriate brassiere and underpants, you are surely treading on thin ice.

God forbid, if the seam becomes glaringly visible, you are in for a huge embarrassment. At times the color of your undergarments also calls for careful consideration.

  1. Not revising the retro-look

Vintage is the new black“. The statement will hold true for years to come it seems. But many women are unable to pull off the vintage look. And it’s not because of the lack of poise.

There is a simple rule for retro-dressing. Keep it contemporary. Please don’t attempt for a look exactly from the 80s. You need to mindfully blend a few vintage elements with modern trends.

  1. Lack of faith in slow-fashion

Speaking of trends, they are notorious for changing rapidly. If you always try to look trendy, you are sure to face fatigue, and an exploding wardrobe, in no particular order.

Consider investing in slow-fashion. Yes, a style that will stay in trend for years, and that is environmentally conscious.


  1. Social media influence

A common mistake women are making these days, is aping fashion from social media influencers. Fashion should reflect your personal style, comfortable, and original to your true-self.

If you want to be a trend-setter, you need to first disengage from the commercial marketing gimmicks.


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