What Determines Value When Using Cash for Cars Service?

July 22, 2023

If you have a vehicle that does not work anymore and having it repaired will cost you more than the thing is worth then you might be looking at using a business like a cash for cars Ipswich type service. They can come and tow it for you, some of them do that for free so keep an eye out for the ones that do, and then you get some cash and you get your driveway back! But you might wonder what determines the value of an old car like this so you know what they consider when offering you money. Here is an outline of some of the main factors.

What condition it is in?

The condition of the vehicle is a big part of its value. While that does not mean you get nothing for something rusting and old, it means that as it ages things start to wear down and there are fewer useable parts. That means that it has less value but not zero value. The better condition it is in the more parts can be stripped and recycled and reused so then it has more value to the car removal business. Even when a car has been in a serious accident and totaled there are parts that are worth something.

Its make and model

There are some makes and models that are more in demand than others and so that means it is something a cash for cars Sunshine Coast business will look at as they value the car. Some models are known to be more reliable and some less. Even when a model might not be known for reliability if it is a popular car still then its parts have value, for at least a decade after the car came out, and sometimes more.

How old it is?

The age of the vehicles is also something the cash for cars Ipswich will want to know. As a vehicle ages, its condition becomes worse so that impacts its value. Cars that are younger than 15 years tend to be in more demand and have more value because their parts are in demand. In some cases, even a car over 15 years old will still have value in its parts when they are known for their reliability.


Cash for cars Sunshine Coast businesses are a great way to handle a junk or old vehicle that you do not want to privately sell, or is in no shape to be used as part of a trade-in. Whether it was in an accident, is getting old, has stopped working or something else, it has value, it just depends on the above things on how much value that is. It is a good idea to get a quote from a few options so you can compare them and make sure they offer a free tow so you do not lose money there. Even cars in terrible shape are worth something to certain car removal businesses. Just check they take such vehicles

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