Eric J Dalius: From an employee to an entrepreneur – Making the correct moves

August 25, 2020

Do you work in an established company now? And are you bouncing off ideas one by one, about starting a business? If yes, then you need to make the correct moves to start your entrepreneur journey. You might have your dreams and future plans, but you need to organize it all seamless way for you to attain success.

It’s not a miracle to become an entrepreneur! It’s all about making significant life changes. And it is way more different than working under a boss in an organization. Sometimes, it can be much more demanding, as well. If you are in two minds on how to move forward in your entrepreneurial journey, you can apply the following tips from Eric Dalius.

  1. Start thinking horizontally instead of vertically

If you have been working in a huge company, you might need this attitude shift! Here employees get trained to do various tasks and follow certain boundaries. Also, the employees aren’t aware of the processes that run an entire organization. For instance, you might not be aware of taxes, legal procedures, payroll, human resources, as well as strategic management. However, when you decide to become an entrepreneur, you might have to look into these aspects for your own company. Hence, it’s good to have a holistic approach beforehand.

  • Your learning for a lifetime

As an entrepreneur, you need to say yes to learning new lessons in entrepreneurship for a lifetime! As you grow your business, you need to update your know-how continually. It is also essential to pay attention to business trends that are happening around. Once you stay updated with these trends, you can expand your business better.

  • You might have to work alone

Most people have a partner to start a business or then start it alone! Working alone is an excellent way to start your business. Many successful entrepreneurs have started their business alone and expanded manifold. You also need to learn to think in an all-inclusive manner, from just an employee perspective. It is essential to note that working alone is not correct for everyone. It would be best if you had the right environment to concentrate. Also, you must feel motivate yourself significantly.

It’s a smart call to join a few entrepreneurial groups or work at a co-working space as well. It will help you to get connected with like-minded people as well.

  • Concentrate on the correct things

Entrepreneurs need to focus their energy correctly! If you need to make your brand visible online, you need to focus all your energies on brand expansion and brand promotion activities. Similarly, when you want to gain new customers, you need to implement the correct strategies as well. There are chances of you running into minor losses. But it is necessary to keep focus fixed on the big picture.

  • Know your financial risks

Entrepreneurship is about financial risks! You need to identify the correct time in your life, for starting your start-up venture. It is essential to take financial risks and also have sufficient financial standing. It is always best to start something very small and check how it goes. You can shift to it, once it succeeds manifold.

Following these five guidelines above will help you make the shift from employee to content writer easily.

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