Maximizing the Impact of Your Email Campaign – Tips and Tricks by Marketing Pro Eric Dalius

August 25, 2020

Even though many people assume email to be dead, it remains even today the best digital marketing channel delivering a return of $42 for every $1 invested. However, email marketing is also very competitive with the inboxes of users getting flooded with commercial solicitations of every kind making it difficult for your message to be opened, read, and acted on. Some useful tips that can maximize the impact of your email campaigns:

Focus on Quality Not Quantity 

When users get bombarded with too many messages from the same source, they are likely to do any of the three following things; unsubscribe, delete without opening or just leave them unopened in their inboxes; all of which represent a total waste of time, effort, and money. Rather send your emails when you have something of value to communicate; subscribers will likely be more receptive to reading. Sending messages one a week may be enough; however, you can give subscribers a choice of specifying the frequency they are comfortable with.

Make the Signup Process Fast and Easy

Using the Easysendy Pro feature, you can easily create and send Sign-up forms to your audiences

Since businesses want to know the profile of the email subscriber, they often tend to ask too many questions at the time of signup. This can be extremely irritating and lead to many people dropping out before completing the process, warns EJ Dalius. Rather, you can just ask them to subscribe by providing an email address and get to know the details by giving them a questionnaire later on. You can increase the number of signups by offering attractive freebies such as eBooks, white papers, and trial subscriptions to your service, discount coupons, and more.

Ensure Emails Are Optimized for Mobiles, Recommends Eric J Dalius  

More than half of the people accessing their inboxes do so from their smartphones; the Millennials perhaps do it exclusively from their phones. This makes it vital for designing emails in such a way that they can be easily read by mobile users. The best method is to use a responsive design that allows the email to display as per the screen size of the device being used to read it. Since people also use their phones to make purchases, you need to make sure that the linked web pages on which the user will conduct the transaction are also mobile optimized.

Incorporate Business Branding in the Email Design 

To make your emails instantly recognizable, it is important that the emails you send out carry the business brand prominently. The logo should be displayed right at the top so that it is the first thing a recipient sees while the rest of the email should follow the brand guidelines for colors, images, fonts, and styles. This will ensure that your emails have the same looks and personality as your website and your advertisements. By achieving consistency of design, you will reinforce the trust factor that promotes conversions. Eric Dalius confirms on, that having an attractively-designed website can aid the acquisition of new customers.


The secret of email marketing is growing your email list with customers who are your target audience and getting them to see, and open your emails. You need to build in value-added content and compelling CTAs to ensu

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