Driving Your Small Business into the Fast Lane in 2020 – Tips from Marketing Expert Eric Dalius

August 25, 2020

Small business owners don’t have it easy. Marketing is one area where entrepreneurs who are typically technocrats tend to trip upon as they are clueless on how to raise their brand awareness and get the customers to buy. While there is a lot of information on conventional tactics, here are a few that you can try to accelerate your growth:

Relate the Brand Story to Connect Better with the Target Audience 

The target audience is being constantly bombarded by multiple businesses to buy their product and services. However, for a successful conversion to happen, the business must be able to not only impress potential customers with the promise of a superior product or service but also connect with them on an emotional level. Telling customers an interesting story about how the brand came into being and the travails it faced has a humanizing effect that is universally loved and make a deep impact on the subconscious. You can tell have a teaser about the brand story in the “About Us” section of the website with a link to another page where you can cover it in detail, says Eric J Dalius.

Action a Referral Program

Your existing customers are your best brand ambassadors but most businesses think it to be a very difficult proposition to go chasing after individual customers to get references. However, you could very easily structure a referral program that incentivizes customers to suggest like-minded people who could be interested in the company’s product who can then be contacted with appropriate marketing messages. The referring customers can be rewarded with incentives in the form of loyalty points or discount coupons for each referral customer that signs up for an email newsletter or makes a purchase. Referral programs succeed better since people tend to trust recommendations made by whom they know.

Drive Your Marketing Strategy with Analytics, Recommends EJ Dalius 

No business, least of a cash-strapped small business, can afford to make mistakes in its marketing strategy. To avoid valuable cash going down the drain, you should think of using data thrown up by analytics to keep your digital marketing initiatives bang on target. You can use analytics for every digital marketing channel you use like website, social media, and email marketing, etc. to get insights into the performance of your marketing campaign and bring it back into alignment with your strategy. Eric Dalius suggests https://www.entrepreneurshiplife.com, that you should choose only the social media platforms that your target audience uses the most to prevent diluting your efforts. Small business owners need not be thrown by the steep price tags of professional analytics software as there are plenty of free options available freely.


Impressing potential customers is always a difficult task for small businesses, which makes it vital for them to build their brands in whatever way they can. Trying to establish the business as a domain expert by creating value-added content and making them available on blogs, white papers, social media, professional networking channels, and your website can help a lot. Use every opportunity for networking, public speaking, and contributing to industry journals to help raise the profile of your business.

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