The Eric Dalius Guide to Catalyzing Growth for Your Small Business

August 25, 2020
Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

The initial days of a startup can be heady due to the runaway enthusiasm and confidence of the entrepreneurs. While despite the challenges, many small businesses do meet with initial success, the lack of a long-term plan can often slow down their growth in highly competitive markets. When business growth slows down, marketers come under increasing pressure to put into place strategies for catalyzing growth and driving sustainability. While, the task is extremely challenging, the following tips may make it easier:

Refocus on Your Target Audience 

Eric J Dalius a common mistake made by small businesses is that while they take steps to define their target audiences when they are starting, they usually fail to keep track of the changing composition of the population and shifts in behavioral patterns that may need the business to refocus on identifying their potential customers. You may need to go back to the drawing board and once again identify the challenges your products or services overcome for customers. It could well be that technological advances have made certain products redundant. Changes may have also taken place in customer preferences and the benefits being delivered by your products may have been diluted. By redefining your target audience, you can change your marketing plans accordingly.

Evolve Your Website, Advises EJ Dalius 

Like every business, you too may have got a website ready for your small business. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to change the design and functionalities of their website to keep pace with fresh user behavior and expectations. Even just a few years ago, while a small business website may have been nothing more than an electronic brochure; modern customers expect far more both in terms of features and quality of user experience. Apart from a fast loading site, the website must be mobile-friendly and set up for displaying correctly on a variety of screen using responsive design technology. Many users also expect that the site will offer them secure shopping facilities, observes Eric J Dalius.

Leverage Social Media for Enhancing the Brand Reach

With social media platform having a huge base of users, if your business has not made its presence felt on the networks your potential customers use, you will be losing out on an invaluable opportunity of reaching out to them informally and engagingly that builds memorability, credibility, and reputation like no other channel. Eric Dalius, however, warns on, of the danger of spreading yourself too thin by using too many social media networks.

In addition to using social media for boosting brand awareness and reaching out to new audiences, savvy businesses can also use it to render customer service with a human touch. It is also a very good channel for obtaining customer feedback regarding product performance and user experience of the brand.


For a business to flourish for long, it has to stay relevant to its target audience. You need to keep on monitoring the market to stay on top of the rapidly changing customer needs and expectations. Refreshing the ways, you use your website and social media to target them is vital for sustained business growth.

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