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August 29, 2020

Did you know that with the right outdoor accessories, you can turn any camping adventure into a Luxury Outdoor Travel experience? Yes, you may be thinking that luxury outdoor travel equals living it up in a Tanzanian lodge, spotting Africa’s Big Five game, but you can create a luxury outdoor travel experience much closer to home.

The best news? You do not even have to spend a lot to upgrade your outdoor travel from basic to luxury! By making just a few easy changes to your packing list, you can enjoy a touch of luxury — without the premium price-tag. These are our top tips to transform your camping trip into a glamping trip:

Upgrade Your Cooking Comfort

If you crave a glamping experience, swap your single burner camp stove for a proper camping grill. Though a compact backpacking stove is functional, it does limit your culinary options. Do not get us wrong: we love beans on toast, but for glamping — you deserve a bit more of a treat. That is exactly why we recommend you to invest in a high-quality camping grill!

A camping grill is a fantastic upgrade to your camp kitchen and lets you prepare a different feast every single night. You can use it to grill meats, but also vegetables, fish, or even make pancakes or toast bread on a griddle plate: the possibilities are endless. Our tip: for the ultimate luxury, choose propane- or gas-fueled grills. These grills can be fired up with the touch of a button, requiring minimum effort for maximum cooking convenience. By expanding your culinary options, you’ll be able to cook bigger, better, and tastier meals for you, and your friends/family. Upgrading everyone’s camping enjoyment by indulging their taste buds with more variety and flavor.

Worried about packing weight and size? Do not! These days, electric and gas-powered camping grills are more compact and lightweight than ever. Some even come packed in a ready-to-carry suitcase, making transport super easy. 

Set The Mood With Fairy Lights

An easy and budget-friendly way to upgrade your camping setup is by adding some strings of fairy lights to your packing list. Whilst camping lanterns are practical, they lack a bit of decorative value. That is why a string of fairy lights is a great way to set the mood and transform your campsite into a glamping escape. Choose fairy lights that are battery-operated for maximum convenience, as you can hang these anywhere and use them anytime. Just remember to pack some spare batteries if you are going on a longer trip. Whether you fancy a soft white glow, twinkling lights, or multi-colored decoration: fairy lights are affordable and available in a wide variety of styles. Hang them inside your tent, on your awning, or decorate some trees surrounding your tent: the stylish choice is all yours.


Create An Outdoor Shower

Swap those public campsite showers or a bucket and sponge for your private outdoor shower. Having your own little space to rinse off the dirt and grime after a long day on the trails is one of our favorite camping luxuries. Even better: you can buy outdoor showers with solar heating! This means you can enjoy warm water and relaxation, even without access to electric outlets. What is not to love about that?

Solar showers come in all shapes and sizes. From ultralight backpacking showers that use solar energy to heat water, to heavy-duty gas-powered showers ideal for usage at fixed campsites: there is a design to make every outdoor traveler a happy camper.

Get A Portable Air Conditioner

Outdoor travel does not mean you cannot enjoy the luxury of air conditioning! You may assume that camping means you have to battle hot and humid conditions without help, but fortunately, there is a solution: a portable air conditioner! This nifty gadget allows you to keep your tent, cabin, or RV cool and comfy — all day and all night long. There are various high-quality portable air conditioners specially designed for camping and outdoor usage: which are compact and lightweight — making them easy to bring on any outdoor adventure. Yes, you could settle for a small fan, but if it is luxury you are after, invest in a compact air con instead. Trust us: if you want to keep your cool on outdoor travel, a portable air conditioner is pretty much as good as it gets! 

Pack Your Favorite Pillow

How to upgrade your camping comfort without spending a single dime? By packing your favorite pillow from home! Yes, luxury travel can be that simple. Why settle for one of those squeaky inflatable pillows, or fashion a make-shift pillow from your clothes or backpack, when a better option is literally within reach? Think about it. You often sleep most comfortably at home, in your bed. So, by packing your favorite pillow from home, you can take a bit of that comfort with you on your outdoor adventures. By packing a great pillow, you’ll enjoy a better night’s sleep and feel more rested and relaxed in the morning. Even if you can’t enjoy a premium mattress or a lofty duvet: your favorite pillow will make a big difference to your sleeping comfort and is a touch of luxury for free.

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