Benefits Of Having Salt Water Generator For Inground Pools

August 29, 2020

You are not the only one waiting for the summer and high heats to finally dive into the deep. If you are lucky to have a large yard, you can enjoy all the benefits of the in-ground swimming area. However, you probably know how much obligations this ‘property’ brings with it.

Regular maintenance is a must, even when you are not using the pool. During the bathing season, you must do daily water quality checks and purification treatments. These are necessary, but can sometimes be tiring.

Some recent research has even suggested the harmfulness of pool chemicals. As this ‘anti-chemical’ trend became more prevalent, pool owners had to find other ways to maintain water hygiene and quality. Pool care brands preyed on the moment and launched a saltwater generator on the market.

As explained on, it is a small and simple, but a mighty device that serves for the natural water purification. Moreover, as soon as something is natural, it means it is right for you.

Health Benefits

Chlorine is an excellent cleaner and disinfectant. Still, it can be harmful to skin and hair in larger quantities. Despite this fact, it was unthinkable to have a pool without using chlorine to clean it until recently.

Lately, the number of chlorine pools has been declining. More and more people turn to saltwater generators. This handy device works rather simple. It uses salt tables in the process of electrolysis to make hypochlorite. That is a chlorine-based compound that is equally effective and less harmful.

Once you install this generator, you will get better water quality. This improvement happens because you don’t add chlorine pucks. These are only 50% chlorine, and the rest are fillers. When you do not use this chemical, you will not feel that water is hard and has a strange smell. It will be much cleaner, more crystalline, and safer for a longer stay in it.

Low Maintenance

So far, standard pools have required regular chlorine replenishment. Pool owners did this treatment once a week during the season to keep the swimming area as clean as possible. The problem would arise if you went somewhere for a couple of days. Upon returning home, you would probably find a pool surface turned green. The reason for that is the variation in the level of chlorine.

When you install a salt-chlorine generator, you will no longer have these problems. As long as it is turned on, this device maintains a stable hypochlorite level in the water, making it crystal clear and soft.

It is up to you to maintain the pool area’s hygiene — clean the walls and bottom, remove scale, and from time to time, ‘shock’ the swimming area with extra chlorine. Find out why this is necessary at this link. This generator is not using much power, so it is no problem to leave it on even when you are not using the pool. It adds only a few tens of dollars to the annual electricity bill.

Saving Money On Chemicals

With its appearance and function, the pool allows you to enjoy hot summer days and imagine a seaside. In order for this enjoyment to be complete, you have to check the water temperature and keep the hygiene of the swimming area. Its maintenance has been almost unthinkable in recent years without the use of various chemicals.

Purifying water is essential, but your health is more important. New studies have shown the harmful effects of chemistry on human health. That is why these generators are ideal for people who want only the best and safest for themselves and their loved ones.

This small generator, as long as it works, turns salt molecules into chlorine. Based on the settings, you can change the amount and speed of chlorine or hypochlorite production. As the water passes through the salt cells, it gets disinfected. It means that chemistry for regular maintenance becomes almost unnecessary. That can bring significant savings every month.

The salt water provides a spa-like atmosphere. Still, take care as salt can damage the infrastructure and landscape around the swimming area. That can happen if the generator starts to break down frequently. Call professionals to solve ongoing faults, and enjoy all the benefits of this handy device.

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