All About Swimming Pools: A Note On The Basics Of Swimming Pool Maintenance

November 9, 2018

Summer is the time for vacations, fun with friends, and swimming pools! Yes, nothing can get better than playing in the swimming pool and sipping on a cool beverage with your family and friends around. A swimming pool, be it a part of the house or a swimming training centre, it can be a real delight for kids and adults alike. Whether you are hosting a pool party, or you have your kid’s friends turning the pool into a water park, whether you and spouse are relaxing by the poolside on weekends or whether it is a part of your daily fitness regime, swimming pools are glamorous, fun, and a favorite rejuvenation spot for the owners. However, blue sparkling pool water doesn’t come easy. It requires regular maintenance by way of self-help tricks as well as professional service providers.

No one would like to see green, algae infected water or cloudy swim pool water. A pool is not only about the waters, but there are other parts such as the filter system, skimmers and interior walls, that needs equal attention and care. Be it broken filters or poorly maintained motors, they can also turn your delight into distress. Hence, periodical swimming pool maintenance is utmost crucial that is, if your pool is dear to you. Thankfully, you find the best pool workout equipment either in stores and online.

What are the parts of your swimming pool?

The pool interiors or the pool liner is in contact with the water most of the times and is, therefore, more prone to algae growth. Most of the dirt and debris can be seen floating by the sides of the pool or generally gets accumulated around the liners. The pool pump keeps the water circulating, and the pool filter eliminates all kind of contaminants and debris from entering into your pool. Skimmers and returns are the channels through which water circulates to and from the water filter. So, we see that every part of a swimming pool plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the pool and hence, requires regular maintenance.

It is all about maintenance and care!

As they say, stagnant water is the womb of diseases. Moving water is safer and cleaner. In a swimming pool, the motor takes the responsibility of keeping the water moving or flowing. It moves the water in opposite directions to get hold of the contaminants and debris and get rid of it through filters. The first step in the maintenance is keeping the right balance of water in terms of its alkalinity, pH levels, calcium hardness and sanitizer levels. If the water is unbalanced, it will not allow sanitizers to function correctly, which can eventually be hazardous to swimmer’s health. Next comes sanitising and shocking the pool. This is important for eliminating water contaminants. This process destroys the harmful elements leaving the water clean and clear. Extra shock treatment is required in special cases such as over usage of pool, rain or snowfall, unusual temperatures and foul-smelling water.

Next comes getting rid of algae. Algae can be found both floating on the surface as well as stuck on the liners or floor. They must be removed effectively to ensure the safety of swimmers. Skim the waters, brush the walls and vacuum the surfaces vulnerable to algae growth. A water filter in good condition and running for at least 8 to 9 hours a day helps a lot in overall maintenance. Do not forget to clean the filters as well through methods such as backwashing. Regularly cleaned, cleared and maintained is must for any pool owner. It ensures a healthy environment for swimmers as well as people spending time by the poolside.

Do not commit these mistakes:

There are certain common swimming pool mistakes that you must avoid if you want to evade expanding on expensive repairs or poorly kept pools.

  • One common mistake is overusing your swimming pool. Unless you maintain it every day as per the requirements, converting your pool into a water park can make you go through nightmares.
  • If you let your pets play into the pool and you don’t clear their hair from the water surface, then you are making a mistake. It is highly recommended to clear the waters with the help of the net.
  • Do maintain a dress code when entering the pool. Just because you have a pool right in your house, it doesn’t imply you can jump into it in whatever dress you are walking around. Clothes carry bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants. Protect your pool water from harmful foreign particles.
  • Do get your pool water tested on a periodic basis. This will help you in knowing the levels of calcium content, alkalinity, salt and other elements. If you ignore getting the water tested, you are making a mistake.
  • One serious mistake is adding shock or in other words, concentrated chlorine directly into your pool. Chlorine bleaches the area it gets into contact, and if your pool liners react to the shock, they can get damaged, often beyond repair.

Do try these secret tricks for a fantastic swimming pool!

  • Baking soda can help maintain your pool water’s pH levels. Plus, it’s a cheaper alternative with similar results as shown by any alkalinity aggravator.
  • Tennis balls are made up of a special fibre that is capable of absorbing oils from water. Just throw a few of them into your pool to pick up traces of oil left by your hair oil, lotions and other oily products.
  • Keep a constant check on the water level in the pool. Although temperature and humidity can lead to evaporation, sometimes you will not be aware when your pool develops leaks. Measure the water level near the stairs so that it is convenient for you.

Regular maintenance is the key to a pool that calls to dive in. Maintained by self and seeking professional services at regular intervals is the ideal way of treating your pool. In a country like Australia, there is a wide range of companies offering specialised pool servicing Gold Coast region. So, avail the facilities for the sparkling blue pool water!

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