What Goes Into The Design Of A Successful Indoor Waterpark?

June 2, 2021

North America is brimming with water parks. However, planning and building a waterpark that appeals to the masses and is safe remains a hard nut to crack. There is no denying that the waterpark industry is booming, but every new entrant in the industry is not deemed to reap profits. That is because designing a successful indoor water park requires balancing out key factors.

This write-up aims those who either start a water park from scratch or are planning to add an extension to an amusement park. This write-up will brief you about key factors that one needs to consider while starting off, which will determine whether or not the project is in sync with the external aspects of the business environment.


The location holds critical importance in all real estate development projects, and waterparks are no exception. Factors like the density of the population, vicinity to metropolitan areas, adjacent towns, proximity to highways, etc., play a curial role in determining the project’s possibilities of being successful.

Studies show that people are willing to jaunt to a water park if it is 4-5 hours drive away via car. Secondly, the business owners need to consider the marketing mix. Most indoor waterparks are paired with an onsite hotel, sports arenas, and arcades, etc. This is done so that the visitors get a more convenient holidaying experience and the perceived value of waterparks in their minds remains intact. Targeting the right audience with the right incentive is critical here, as postulated by the customer-first approach.


Landscaping the site after critically scrutinizing the specifics comes next. The general wisdom around creating a master plan is that the plot shapes resembling Alphabet L can cause some serious disarrangements in the future because encompassing various elements of the project in a long and narrow plot size can become cumbersome.

Weighing in adjacencies is essential, and ideally, a waterpark is placed next to a hotel which gives the business owners the liberty of having common storage facilities, I.T room, kitchen, admin area, etc.

This allows business owners to shed extra costs and improve their ROIs.

Waterpark Play Areas

Once the scope and layout of the waterpark are decided, it is time to look at the specifics of what the water park would offer. This is done according to the demographics. If the water park targets youth, then thrill rides would do the job. If it is more of a family-oriented waterpark, one has to incorporate a splash pad with zero-depth premise. If It is a theme park, then the fountains will play a pivotal role.

General Layout

After the business owners have settled on what needs to be incorporated into a waterpark, the flow of masses is visualized as to how would they enter the park, how would they explore different sections and so on.

Construction Methodology

This is perhaps the most crucial factor of all. Water parks are naturally corrosive; therefore, one has to choose materials that are non-corrosive and at the same time contribute to an environment that is more conducive to safety and fun.

Ideally, a retractable roof should be placed so that there is a liberty of transforming an indoor water park into an outdoor water park at the push of the button. Sound insulation is yet another factor that enriches the experience of those taking the plunge.

Weather elimination and air conditioning in water parks can catapult it to people’s favorite within no time.

More To It Than What Meets The Eye 

Creating a water park that strikes the right chord with the customers goes beyond creativity. It asks for applying sciences and considering the factual matrix as to what would suit best to the target audience. The role of modularity can’t be emphasized enough, especially when the water park is being revamped or is being added as an extension.

Waterslides in particular, are instrumental to offering an immersive experience. One can swoosh through the labyrinth-like downward slides before taking the final plunge. However, waterslides need to be so much more than just aesthetics;  durable, corrosion-proof, frictionless, and flacking proof.

Waterslides, when combined with splash pads, make for an exhilarating experience. Vortex Canada offers waterslides that are customizable to specific site requirements.

Vortex Canada specializes in designing water parks that are durable, sustainable, and are edgy in terms of market offerings. It has brought many fantasies to life, and it has many feathers to its caps (number of successful water parks) and a badge of honors to boast about.

It takes pride in its state-of-the-art products, which instill new life into a project. The best part is that its various offerings such as splash pads, waterslides, and fountains can not only fit in themes of multiple sorts, but they are conducive to crafting the required experience for customers.

If you wish to build a water park of your own, trust none but Vortex Canada.

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